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Le Week-End Drama

Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan in 'Le Week-End'

Academy Award winner Jim Broadbent ("Iris," "Topsy-Turvy," "Another Year") and Lindsay Duncan (the forthcoming "About Time," "Alice in Wonderland," "Mansfield Park") give exquisite performances as Nick and Meg, a long-married British couple revisiting Paris for the first time since their honeymoon in an attempt to rekindle their relationship.

During a two-day escapade, diffident, wistful Nick and demanding, take-charge Meg careen from harmony to disharmony to resignation and back again as they take stock of half a lifetime of deep tenderness -- and even deeper regret. A surprise invitation from Nick’s old friend Morgan (Jeff Goldblum), an amusingly boorish American academic with a fancy Parisian address, soon leads them to an unexpectedly hopeful vision of what their love and marriage might still become.


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Released - Friday, March 14 , 2014
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