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Laggies Drama

Keira Knightley and Chloe Grace Moritz star in "Humpday" director Lynn Shelton's drama about a 20-something woman who seems content to exist in a state of permanent arrested adolescence. Megan isn't what most people would call ambitious; as she approaches 30, the most demanding job she has held is as a sign-flipper for her father's accounting firm. Meanwhile, all of Megan's high school friends are either starting families or launching their careers. Convinced that she's not ready to get married after her longtime boyfriend finally pops the question, nervous Megan tells him that she's leaving to attend a career-development retreat, and instead decides to lie low at the home of her new teenage friend Annika (Moretz), whose handsome father just happens to be single. Sam Rockwell co-stars. 


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Released - Friday, October 24 , 2014
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