Kohlhiesels Tochter - DVD Comedy

This ever-popular light comedy by Axel von Ambesser was preceded by two other cinematic versions of the same tale, a story about two twins who live in the countryside and are quite opposite in their appeal. Liesel (Liselotte Pulver, who plays both twins) is attractive, smart, and captivating while Susi is not. Obviously, since these are identical twins it is Susi's own predilections that have a negative effect on her appearance. When the first serious, handsome young man shows up on their doorstop and falls for Liesel it would seem that marriage is imminent. Yet the daughters have to bide by their mother's will -- Susi, the least attractive, must marry first. The suitor figures, why not? He can marry her temporarily and then change his mind -- that sounds easy enough. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide

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