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A scene in 'Hors Satan'

Angel or devil, good or evil, Christ or Satan: These are the mystical questions revolving around the nameless figure living in the coastal dunes outside of a small French town. This mysterious drifter begins to touch the lives of a group of women in the village, including a single mother caring for her sick daughter, a hitchhiker passing through en route to Boulogne, and, most vividly, a teenage girl living in an abusive household. The stranger and the girl form a special bond as he saves her from her dilemma and she wanders through dunes and marshes with him, witnessing his unusual acts of wonder and questioning his role in her life.

One of international cinema’s most challenging directors, Bruno Dumont utilizes his unique style of storytelling to draw mystical parallels to familiar religious paradigms in visually striking and compelling set pieces and scenarios. Long takes provide close examination and identification with his characters, and the expansive landscape of the French coast becomes a character itself. The contemplative pacing is punctuated by startling moments of violence and sexuality as only Dumont can capture them. The unpredictable climax will inspire passionate discussion about the extraordinary and its occurrences in life. 

Named one of the top ten films of the year by Cahiers du Cinema and an official selection for the Cannes Film Festival’s Un Certain Regard section, "Hors Satan" is a provocative parable of identity, morality, and human relationships, defying notions of genre to become a mesmerizing and haunting original.


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Released - Friday, January 18 , 2013
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