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Holla II Horror

Kiely Williams in 'Holla II'

A year has passed since Monica’s weekend with friends in the woods turned into a bloody massacre by the hands of her mentally ill twin sister, Veronica. The police still can’t find, or confirm the death of this crazed killer. We see that Monica is now living with Marion, her late fiancé Dwayne’s mother, and has gotten reconstructive plastic surgery on her face. Marion and Monica agree to start over together as mother and daughter. 

But Veronica is still very much alive. Intending to kill Troy, the only other survivor from the cabin massacre, Veronica accidentally kills an innocent couple. It’s now six years later and Monica, now Monique, is at a club performing with her hip-hop/reggae band, Rhapsody in Miami. It is announced that the band will be going on a hiatus while Monique and Robbie, the bassist, are getting married. The band and friends all go to Marion’s restaurant to discuss the weekend’s events. The wedding is to be held at an old plantation house in the country and everyone is excited for the event except for Micky, the lead guitarist and Monique’s best friend, who keeps stepping away to talk on her cell phone. Marion is disappointed when she finds out that Monique will not be wearing her mother’s wedding dress, but a Vera Wang that Robbie’s mom, Clare, got her.

On the ride up to the plantation Monique has a panic attack after their car almost hits a girl that looks like Veronica. Marion, who drove up alone with all the food and decorations, calms her nerves in a gas station bathroom while also expressing her concerns with how fast this wedding occurred. Micky continues to be secretive with her phone calls and text messages. Once at the plantation the crew realizes they got such a 'great deal' on the place because it’s supposedly haunted by the ghosts of thirteen slaves that were buried alive after trying to escape. Someone does the math, there are thirteen family and friends staying the night.

As the two families meet for the first time, it is very clear that Marion does not like Clare and her cop boyfriend, Michael, who is half her age. Robbie’s cousin, Reena, soon makes herself a pariah when her ex-stripper skills shine a bit too brightly during the striptease joint bachelor and bachelorette party. She runs off crying after her boob is exposed and is comforted by Michael on the balcony. Things go too far and they’re caught by Clare, who throws Michael out. Micky is M.I.A during all of this because of 'cramps.' While the property manager Michael has also disappeared leaving his creepy groundskeeper Horacio to 'look after' things.

One by one, two by two, people begin to die. Is Veronica really back or is it something even more sinister this time?


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Released - Friday, April 19 , 2013
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