Heroes - Seasons 1-3

Includes - Heroes: In His Own Image (2006) Heroes: Better Halves (2006) Heroes: Seven Minutes to Midnight (2006) Heroes: Six Months Ago (2006) Heroes: One Giant Leap (2006) Heroes: Collision (2006) Heroes: Fallout (2006) Heroes: Homecoming (2006) Heroes: Nothing to Hide (2006) Heroes: Hiro's (2006) Heroes: Don't Look Back (2006) Heroes: Godsend (2007) Heroes: The Fix (2007) Heroes: Run! (2007) Heroes: 0.07% (2007) Heroes: Out of Time (2007) Heroes: Four Months Ago (2007) Heroes: Cautionary Tales (2007) Heroes: Truth & Consequences (2007) Heroes: Unexpected (2007) Heroes: Parasite (2007) Heroes: The Hard Part (2007) Heroes: How to Stop an Exploding Man (2007) Heroes: Landslide (2007) Heroes: Five Years Gone (2007) Heroes: Powerless (2007) Heroes: Four Months Later... (2007) Heroes: Lizards (2007) Heroes: Kindred (2007) Heroes: The Kindness of Strangers (2007) Heroes: Fight or Flight (2007) Heroes: The Line (2007) Heroes: Company Man (2007) Heroes: Distractions (2007) Heroes: Exposed (2008) Heroes: The Second Coming (2008) Heroes: I Am Become Death (2008) Heroes: Dying of the Light (2008) Heroes: Villains (2008) Heroes: The Eclipse, Part 1 (2008) Heroes: Our Father (2008) Heroes: Dual (2008) Heroes: The Eclipse, Part 2 (2008) Heroes: It's Coming (2008) Heroes: Eris Quod Sum (2008) Heroes: Angels and Monsters (2008) Heroes: One of Us, One of Them (2008) Heroes: The Butterfly Effect (2008) Heroes: Cold Wars (2009) Heroes: Into Asylum (2009) Heroes: Building 26 (2009) Heroes: Trust and Blood (2009) Heroes: A Clear and Present Danger (2009) Heroes: 1961 (2009) Heroes: An Invisible Thread (2009) Heroes: I Am Sylar (2009) Heroes: Turn and Face the Strange (2009) Heroes: Cold Snap (2009) Heroes: Shades of Gray (2009) Heroes: In His Own Image The essence of superhero comic books combines with weekly television drama aesthetics in this fantasy series concerning a random group of normal people suddenly instilled with superhuman powers. Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) is a male nurse who suddenly discovers his dreams of flight have become a startling reality, and Hiro Nakamura (Masa Oka) is a Japanese office worker and comic book fanatic who awakens one day to discover he has the power to teleport anywhere he wants by bending time and space. In addition to these two, single mother and Las Vegas stripper Niki Sanders (Ali Larter) finds a duel personality with incredible strength emerging, high school cheerleader Claire Bennett (Hayden Panettiere) is shocked to discover that she can walk away from most any physical trauma completely unharmed, and heroin-addicted artist Isaac Mendez (Santiago Cabrera)'s paintings begin taking on a prophetic - and frighteningly apocalyptic - tone. Meanwhile, in India, university professor Mohinder Suresh (Sendil Ramamurthy) is compelled to continue to extraordinary research his father was conducting at the time he was mysteriously murdered - research that could ultimately provide an explanation for the inexplicable proliferation of powers while bringing all of the gifted individuals together to fight a common cause. But someone doesn't seem to want these powerful individuals to pool their remarkable resources, and it appears that they're willing to resort to murder in order to prevent that from happening. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide Heroes: Better Halves Leonard Roberts joins the cast as D.L. Hawkins, Niki's fugitive husband, who has special powers that make it nearly impossible for authorities to track him down. Also, in Las Vegas, Hiro and Ando are made an offer they can't refuse; Claire hopes meeting her birth parents will lead to answers about her indestructibility; and Mohinder prepares to leave New York---and Eden---so that he can lay his dead father to rest in India. ~ Jeanette Martin, All Movie Guide Heroes: Seven Minutes to Midnight Mohinder considers his future while dreaming about his past; Hiro meets a waitress named Charlie (Jayma Mays), who demonstrates a knack for memorization; Matt

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Released - Tuesday, September 1 , 2009
  • Distributed by - Universal Studios
  • MPAA Rating - TV14