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Hellion Drama

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"Breaking Bad" star, Aaron Paul, stars in this Sundance darling.  Thirteen-year-old Jacob (played by newcomer Josh Wiggins) is spiraling out of control. The motocross-obsessed teenager’s delinquent behavior pushes his family to the brink of collapse. All hell breaks loose when Jacob enlists his younger brother, Wes, as a partner in crime. Still reeling from his wife’s death, Jacob’s dad, Hollis, has all but abandoned his sons. When Child Protective Services removes Wes to live with his Aunt Pam, Hollis and Jacob are forced to face their culpability as they strive to bring Wes home. Hellion is set in southeastern Texas where the flames and lights of refineries frame the skyline and create a haunting backdrop for this fractured family of motherless men. 



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Released - Friday, June 13 , 2014
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