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HitFix Critics' Reviews

Alfonso Cuaron hasn't made a feature since 'Children Of Men,' but 'Gravity' was more than worth the wait, and it both invents new visual language for cinema and also packs a heavy dramatic punch.
Drew McWeeny
September 07, 2013
Warner Bros.' two best picture contenders "Gravity" and "Her" got an Oscar boost this past week while Searchlight may need to press the pedal on their awards work for "12 Years A Slave."
Gregory Ellwood
December 09, 2013

Readers' Reviews

This film is quite over-hyped!! Everything about this film isn't as GREAT as the reviews have been saying and as I had originally thought! Undoubtedly, while it's not my pick, Sandra Bullock, will most likely, get nominated for Best Actress! Also, while not as my vote, the Academy will, undoubtedly, for sure, love and nominate the film for ' Best Director(Alfonso Cauron), Best Vsuals Effects/Cinematography, and Best Original Screenplay! This was just an average film tha's just simply too over-hyped!! My Grade for Gravity: C-
November 28, 2013
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Jared K
December 09, 2013
Great movie best 3D using :)
January 18, 2014
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