Girlfriends: Seasons 1-7 Comedy

Includes:Girlfriends: Toe Sucking (2000) Girlfriends: One Night Stand? (2000) Girlfriends: Girlfrenzy (2000) Girlfriends: I Pity the Fool (2000) Girlfriends: The Importance of Being Frank (2000) Girlfriends: Never a Bridesmaid (2000) Girlfriends: Fried Turkey (2000) Girlfriends: Pregnant Pause (2000) Girlfriends: Everything Fishy Ain't Fish (2000) Girlfriends: The Remains of the Date (2000) Girlfriends: Hip-Ocracy (2000) Girlfriends: Loose Lips Sink Relationships (2001) Girlfriends: Diss-regard (2001) Girlfriends: A Kiss Before Lying (2001) Girlfriends: The Fallout (2001) Girlfriends: Jamaic-Up? (2001) Girlfriends: The Burning Vagina Monologues (2001) Girlfriends: A Full Court Conspiracy (2001) Girlfriends: The Declaration of Lynndependence (2001) Girlfriends: Friends, Colleagues, Brothers (2001) Girlfriends: Old Dog (2001) Girlfriends: Bad Timing (2001) Girlfriends: They've Gotta Have It (2001) Girlfriends: The List (2001) Girlfriends: You Better Watch Out (2001) Girlfriends: Mom's the Word (2001) Girlfriends: Maya Takes a Stan (2001) Girlfriends: Trick or Truth (2001) Girlfriends: Joan's Birthday Suit (2001) Girlfriends: Willie or Won't He? (2001) Girlfriends: Buh-Bye (2001) Girlfriends: Un-Treatable (2001) Girlfriends: Just Say No (2001) Girlfriends: I Have a Dream House (2002) Girlfriends: Can't Stan Ya! (2002) Girlfriends: Take Me Out to the Ballgame (2002) Girlfriends: Willie or Won't He II - The Last Chapter (2002) Girlfriends: Sister, Sistah (2002) Girlfriends: Childs in Charge (2002) Girlfriends: Taming of the Realtress (2002) Girlfriends: Invasion of the Gold Digger (2002) Girlfriends: Blinded by the Lights (2002) Girlfriends: Handling Baggage (2002) Girlfriends: The Mommy Returns (2002) Girlfriends: A Little Romance (2002) Girlfriends: Santa v. Monica (2002) Girlfriends: Take This Poem and Call Me in the Morning (2002) Girlfriends: Howdy Partner (2002) Girlfriends: Single Mama Drama (2002) Girlfriends: Blood Is Thicker than Liquor (2002) Girlfriends: The Fast Track and the Furious (2002) Girlfriends: The Wedding, Part I (2002) Girlfriends: The Wedding, Part II (2002) Girlfriends: Coming to Terms (2002) Girlfriends: Getting Our Act Together (2002) Girlfriends: Secrets and Eyes (2002) Girlfriends: Star Craving Mad (2002) Girlfriends: Don't Leave Me a Loan (2002) Girlfriends: Happy Valentine's Day...Baby? (2002) Girlfriends: Sex, Lies and Books (2002) Girlfriends: A Stiff Good Man Is Easy to Find (2002) Girlfriends: Runaway Bridesmaid (2002) Girlfriends: The Pact (2002) Girlfriends: Where Everyone Knows My Name (2002) Girlfriends: Too Much Sharin' (2002) Girlfriends: Into the Woods (2002) Girlfriends: Just Dessert (2002) Girlfriends: My Mother, Myself (2002) Girlfriends: X Does Not Mark the Spot (2002) Girlfriends: Merry Ex-Mas (2003) Girlfriends: New York Unbound (2003) Girlfriends: On the Couch (2003) Girlfriends: New York Bound (2003) Girlfriends: A Comedy of Eros (2003) Girlfriends: Leggo My Ego (2003) Girlfriends: Don't You Want Me, Baby (2003) Girlfriends: Between Brock and a Hard Place (2003) Girlfriends: Prophet and Loss (2003) Girlfriends: Good Catch or Bad Hop? (2003) Girlfriends: Some Enchanted Evening (2003) Girlfriends: If It's Broke, Fix It (2003) Girlfriends: Snoop, There It Is (2003) Girlfriends: You Ain't Gotta Go Home but...You Know the Rest (2003) Girlfriends: Hopelessly Devoted to Two (2003) Girlfriends: Inherit the Lynn (2003) Girlfriends: And Baby Makes Four (2003) Girlfriends: Viva Las Vegas (2003) Girlfriends: Love, Peace and Hair Grease (2003) Girlfriends: Wieners and Losers (2003) Girlfriends: He Loves Her, He Loves Her Not (2003) Girlfriends: A Partnerless Partner (2003) Girlfriends: Just the Three of Us (2003) Girlfriends: Love Thy Neighbor (2003) Girlfriends: L.A. Bound (2004) Girlfriends: A Mile in Her Loubous (2004) Girlfriends: Great Sexpectations (2004) Girlfriends: The Way We Were (2004) Girlfriends: See J-Spot Run (2004) Girlfriends: Good News, Bad News (2004) Girlfriends: Kids Say th

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Released - Tuesday, October 13 , 2009
  • Distributed by - Paramount
  • MPAA Rating - NR