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A moment from 'Girlfriend Boyfriend'

'Let's make a pact: when we're 30, if we're still single, then we'll get married!' Mabel, Liam and Aaron were born in the same small town, deep in the far south of Taiwan. They were children together in a kind of rural paradise, surrounded by magnolia and camphor trees. Even down in this tropical idyll, however, where it feels like nothing has changed for centuries, time marches on. In this final, hotbed year, new feelings arise, which alter the childhood bonds between them forever: Aaron loves Mabel, but Mabel only has eyes for Liam; who likes her, but not in the way as she expects; Liam has never admitted it to anyone, but who he's really in love with, is Aaron. While Liam remains impervious to all Mabel's displays of affection, Aaron steps up his pursuit until, eventually, Mabel gives in to his attentions.


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Released - Friday, August 3 , 2012
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