Friday Night Lights: The Fourth Season

One of the greatest TV dramas of all time continues with 13 gripping fourth season episodes of the critically acclaimed series Friday Night Lights. Small-town life in Dillon has changed irrevocably with the dramatic split of the school district. Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) finds himself fighting for the respect of the East Dillon Lions, while his wife, Tami (Connie Britton), faces her own battles as principal of the Dillon High Panthers. Across town, it’s a season for change as graduating students face life after high school, and new students deal with hostile rivalries. From executive producers Brian Grazer, Peter Berg and Jason Katims comes the show that critics rave “may have the greatest emotional range of any series ever on television” (Neal Gabler, Los Angeles Times).


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Released - Tuesday, August 17 , 2010
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