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For Love's Sake Foreign/Art House

Satoshi Tsumabuki and Emi Takei in 'For Love's Sake'

One day, the delinquent Makoto suddenly appears in front of Ai, an innocent A-student from a rich family who attends Aobadai High School. The moment she spots Makoto, she recognizes the scar on his forehead - a scar she had given him by accident at a ski resort during childhood.

Assuming that his bad behavior is caused by the scar, Ai feels responsible for his actions and decides to help him pull himself together. Ai secretly arranges for him to transfer to Aobadai, but 'favor' proves to be an unwelcome one for Makoto. Her kindness is returned only with more bad behavior.

After trouble with the police, Makoto is kicked out of Aobadai and transferred to Hanazono High School, a notorious gang swamp. Makoto easily fights his way through the dangerous gang scene, and is welcomed by Yuki, the queen of Hanazono. Ai brushes aside her parents’ objection and transfers to Hanazono, patiently devoting herself trusting that he can change. It makes Yuki realize her feelings for Makoto. Her feeling unreturned, Yuki decides to lure Makoto into battle by taking Ai as a hostage. Can Makoto save her life and win the battle?


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