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Father of Invention

<p>Kevin Spacey in 'Father of Invention.'</p>

Two-time Academy Award® winner Kevin Spacey gives one of the most unexpectedly funny performances of his career as Robert Axle, an arrogant infomercial mogul whose empire collapses after one of his products maims thousands of consumers. After 8 years in prison, he tries to rebuild his fortune, but must first reconnect with his estranged daughter (Camilla Belle), her man-hating roommate (Heather Graham), his boneheaded new employer (Johnny Knoxville), the ex-wife who squandered his fortune (Academy Award® nominee Virginia Madsen of "Sideways"), and the ruthless executive who took over his company (John Stamos). Can a man who’s lost everything devise a way to get back on top? Craig Robinson (“The Office”), Michael Rosenbaum (“Smallville”) and Anna Annisimova co-star in this surprising comedy about fabrications, complications, and the situations people invent to find out who they really are.


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Released - Friday, October 14 , 2011
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