Elephants - DVD

Includes:Queen of the Elephants (1994) Africa's Elephant Kingdom (1998), MPAA Rating: NR Queen of the Elephants This video chronicles the story of people making a 300-mile journey through the forests of India. Their steeds are mighty Indian elephants, now on the list of endangered species. Author Mark Shand is led by Parbati Barua, who is a Rajah's daughter and elephant driver, through the spectacular Indian countryside. Just as each of the riders is a unique character, each elephant has its own distinctive personality, and the film captures them all with humor and sensitivity. The incredible strength and power of the elephants are illustrated, along with their capacity for love and affection. The viewer gains a deepened appreciation and empathy for the plight of the Indian elephant. ~ Rose of Sharon Winter, All Movie Guide Africa's Elephant Kingdom Discovery Channel Pictures/Imax Corporation Michael Caulfield directs this 40-minute Imax documentary about African elephants, traveling over Mount Kilimanjaro, and Kenyan waterfalls, rivers, and forests. A large 60-year-old elephant known as Old Bull (voice of Avery Brooks) recalls the history of his clan and relationships in elephant society -- babies to mothers, mothers to families, and families to clans. Clan members are seen in competition for mates, raising children, and searching for food. With the onset of a severe drought, the clan migrates in a journey across vast stretches of land in search of dwindling sources of food and water, triumphant in one glorious moment when the long-awaited rains finally arrive. Music by Roger Mason. ~ Bhob Stewart, All Movie Guide

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Released - Tuesday, October 13 , 2009
  • Distributed by - UNKNOWN
  • MPAA Rating - NR