Cyclops - Blu-ray Disc Action & Adventure

A corrupt Roman emperor attempts to appease the people of his kingdom by capturing the most ferocious creature in all the land and exploiting its legendary strength for the entertainment of the masses. The Roman Empire is at the peak of its power; the gladiators are stronger than ever, the women possess untold beauty, and a fearsome, one-eyed creature rules the forest, slaughtering anyone foolish enough to venture into his woodland domain. But corruption has reached the highest levels, and the nefarious Emperor Tiberius (Eric Roberts) can sense the bloodlust in the air. His solution to the societal malaise: Capture the Cyclops, and throw him in the arena to do battle with condemned slaves and the wrongly imprisoned General Marcus Romulus (Kevin Stapleton). Now, as the ultimate battle of man versus monster commences, the cleansing fires of Hell begin to blaze. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide


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Released - Tuesday, December 8 , 2009