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Captain Phillips

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HitFix Critics' Reviews

Paul Greengrass made one of the most nerve-wracking docu-dramas of all time with 'United 93,' and with 'Captain Phillips,' he once again creates almost unbearable tension, this time with Tom Hanks starring as the title character.
Drew McWeeny
October 07, 2013
Ranking Tom Hanks' greatest film performances from "Forrest Gump" to "Big" and everything inbetween.
Gregory Ellwood
December 09, 2013

Readers' Reviews

It's a little bit over-hyped, like Gravity, Prisoners, and Spectacular Now, (gosh, that was a very slow movie!) but it was really entertaining with excellent performances and fantastic suspense in its 30 minute grand finale!! It's not as riveting as last year's hostage-film, Argo(FANTASTIC!!) and not as terrifically exciting as Paul Greengrass' third and final "Bourne" film; Bourne Ultimatum, but it serves a mostly entertaining film that's a little slow and over-hyped, but a lot better than I expected it to be!!
November 28, 2013