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A moment from 'Burn'

Directed by Tom Putnam & Brenna Sanchez. From executive producer Denis Leary, “Burn” is a look at firefighting as you’ve never seen it before. Detroit is burning. With vast stretches of forsaken buildings left as kindling, the highest arson rate in the country, and a budget crisis of epic proportions, this action-packed documentary takes us to the heart of a once-roaring industrial mecca to meet the men and women charged with saving a city that many have written off as dead. But "Burn" isn’t just about Detroit firefighters. It’s about all national first responders, whose budgets and pensions are on the chopping block. It’s about the people you hope will make it to your house when there’s a fire.


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Released - Friday, December 7 , 2012
Official Website
  • Directed by - Tom Putnam, Brenna Sanchez
  • Distributed by - Area 23A
  • MPAA Rating - Unrated