Bulletproof Monk (2pc) (W/DVD) (P&S) [Blu-ray] Action & Adventure

The Monk is a Zen-calm martial arts master whose duty has been to protect a powerful ancient scroll. Faced with finding the scroll's next guardian, the Monk's quest brings him to New York City where--to his disbelief--it appears his successor is a smart-mouthed pickpocket named Kar. Kar's a charming, street-tough wild card who enjoys his life of no responsibility. As the Monk instructs Kar, the unlikely duo become partners in protecting the scroll from a power-monger who's been chasing it for sixty years. Amidst high-flying acrobatics and martial arts action, this comical odd couple has to work together to keep the scroll--and mankind--safe.


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Released - Tuesday, April 6 , 2010