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Broken (2013) Drama

Cillian Murphy and Tim Roth in 'Broken'

A young girl's innocence is eroded faster than she ever could have anticipated as she begins to recognize the horrid injustices all around her in Rufus Norris adaptation of Daniel Clay's novel of the same name. 11-year-old Skunk sees the world from an interesting perspective. Quick to laugh and full of life, she refuses to let diabetes slow her down. Then, one day, her neighbor Mr. Oswald's daughter accuses Rick, the slow-witted boy next door, of rape. When Mr. Oswald brutally assaults Rick in broad daylight, Skunk bears witness to the horrible scene. In the aftermath, Skunk begins to view her previously safe surroundings with great trepidation. She fears living in a future where aggression and injustice runs rampant, and seeks comfort in Rick's company. But when even that small sense of contentment turns suddenly chaotic, Skunk is faced with a decision that will determine whether she ultimately thrives, or perishes. Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy co-star.


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Released - Friday, July 19 , 2013
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