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Brighton Rock

<p>Sam Riley and Andrea Riseborough in 'Brighton Rock.'</p>

Screenwriter Rowan Joffe's debut feature "Brighton Rock" embraces the classic elements of film noir and the British gangster film to tell the story of Pinkie, a desperate youth who is hell bent on clawing his way up through the ranks of organized crime. When a young and very innocent waitress, Rose, stumbles on evidence linking him to a revenge killing, he sets out to seduce her to secure her silence. The film stars up-and-coming British actors Sam Riley ("Control," "On the Road") and Andrea Riseborough ("Made in Dagenham," "Never Let me go") as the young couple. Veterans Helen Mirren and John Hurt co-star as two friends who set out to save Rose from Pinkie's deviant designs. "Brighton Rock" is based on the iconic 1939 Graham Greene novel of innocence and evil but the action has been updated to 1964 Britain, the year the Mods and the Rockers were rioting across the South Coast. The '60s were also the era of the great British gangster, the kind of working class hero, the frightened and ambitious Pinkie longs to be.


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Released - Friday, August 26 , 2011
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