Border Run - DVD Action & Adventure

Academy Award® nominee Sharon Stone stars as Phoenix television reporter Sofie Talbert, a hard-nosed right-wing journalist who exposes liberal politicians soft on illegal immigration. But when her relief-worker brother goes missing in Mexico, Sofie's own south-of-the-border investigation traps her in a deadly underworld of migrants, smugglers and cold-blooded murder. Here, nothing is what is seems. Nobody should be trusted. And when one woman crosses the line, there can be no turning back. Billy Zane (TITANIC) co-stars in this gritty and intense drama inspired by true events.

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Released - Tuesday, February 26 , 2013
  • Starring - Sharon Stone, Billy Zane
  • Directed by - Gabriela Tagliavini
  • Distributed by - Anchor Bay
  • MPAA Rating - R