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A moment from 'Bidder 70'

In 2008, as George W. Bush tried to gift the energy and mining industries thousands of acres of pristine Utah wilderness via a widely disputed federal auction, college student Tim DeChristopher decided to monkey-wrench the process. Bidding $1.7 million, he won 22,000 acres with no intention to drill. For this astonishing (and successful) act of civil disobedience he was sent to federal prison. Beth and George Gage's new documentary "Bidder 70" tells the story of this peaceful warrior whose patriotism and willingness to sacrifice have ignited the climate justice movement.


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Released - Friday, May 17 , 2013
Official Website
  • Starring - Tim DeChristopher
  • Directed by - Beth Gage, George Gage
  • Distributed by - First Run Features
  • MPAA Rating - Unrated