Avatar (Three-Disc Extended Collector's Edition) Action & Adventure

Experience the spectacular world of James Cameron's Avatar as never before with this all-new three-disc extended collector’s edition. The journey begins with three movie versions: the original theatrical release, the special edition re-release, and the exclusive extended cut not shown in theaters. The set's bonus feature run more than three hours and include over 45 minutes of deleted scenes and a feature-length documentary on the film's groundbreaking production. The greatest adventure of all time just got bigger and better.

Features Include:

Disc 1: Avatar, Part One
Original Theatrical Edition (includes family audio track with objectionable language removed)
Special Edition Re-release (includes family audio track with objectionable language removed)
Collector’s Extended Cut with 16 additional minutes, including alternate opening on earth

Disc 2: Avatar, Part Two
Continuation of the movies from the first disc
A Message from Pandora

Disc 3: Filmmaker's Journey
Over 45 minutes of never-before-seen deleted scenes
Capturing Avatar documentary


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Released - Tuesday, November 16 , 2010