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Andre Gregory: Before and After Dinner Concerts Documentary

Andre Gregory is the subject of 'Andre Gregory: Before and After Dinner'

"Before And After Dinner" is an exploration of the life and work of André Gregory, ground-breaking director, actor, writer, artist, and raconteur, filmed by award-winning filmmaker Cindy Kleine, his wife. Through her close-up lens, Cindy introduces us to this cultural icon and master storyteller in a film woven with unexpected twists and turns. "Before And After Dinner" touches on universal questions: where does art come from? What experiences ultimately shape the life, the preoccupations, and the work of an artist? And who is that artist, beyond his public persona?


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Released - Wednesday, April 3 , 2013
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  • Starring - Andre Gregory
  • Directed by - Cindy Kleine
  • Distributed by - Cinema Guild