Absence of Light/Willows Way/6 Angels/Exterminator City - DVD

Includes:Willows Way (2007) Exterminator City 6 Angels The Absence of Light Willows Way No synopsis available. Exterminator City Cult-favorite scream queens Julie Strain and Brinke Stevens star in this horror-comedy set in a future where exterminators rid our homes of robot pests. One such exterminator becomes unhinged and begins terrorizing the citizens of Atro City, leaving a trail of death in his path. It's now up to a robot-cop to put an end to the slaughter before the killer strikes again. Exterminator City was written, produced, and directed by first-time filmmaker Clive Cohen. ~ Matthew Tobey, All Movie Guide 6 Angels No synopsis available. The Absence of Light No synopsis available.

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Released - Tuesday, September 29 , 2009
  • Distributed by - UNKNOWN