Awards Season

50th Annual Cinema Audio Society Awards

'Gravity' is nominated for a Cinema Audio Society Award

Tonight's Cinema Audio Society Awards are the 50th annual event for the group and they're going to be celebrating the night by looking at "50 years in the Advancement of Sound."  They won't only be honoring the distant past though, they will be recognizing the best work this past year, the final five nominees were announced back on January 14th. 

The awards dinner will be held in The Crystal Ballroom of The Millennium Biltmore Hotel and we have to imagine that the acoustics are just outstanding there.


  • Gravity-was-a-winner-at-the-cas-awards-in-2014_article_story_main
  • Gravity-was-a-winner-at-the-cas-awards-in-2014_article_story_main
  • Gravity-is-nominated-for-a-cinema-audio-society-award_article_story_main

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Released - Saturday, February 22 , 2014
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