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49th Annual Cinema Audio Society Awards Nominees Announced

The Cinema Audio Society will be announcing its nominees today, January 8th

Formed in 1964, the Cinema Audio Society will be presenting their 49th annual awards in the middle of February.   At that dinner on February 16th, the CAS will present awards in a half-dozen areas.   Today, however, we learn just whom might go home with one of those awards as the nominees are going to be announced.


  • Gravity-was-a-winner-at-the-cas-awards-in-2014_article_story_main
  • Gravity-was-a-winner-at-the-cas-awards-in-2014_article_story_main
  • Gravity-is-nominated-for-a-cinema-audio-society-award_article_story_main
  • The-cinema-audio-society-announces-its-nominees-on-january-14_article_story_main
  • The-cinema-audio-society-will-be-announcing-its-nominees-today-january-8th_article_story_main

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Released - Tuesday, January 8 , 2013
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