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Awards Season

2013 SAG Awards Nominations Announced

2013 SAG Awards Nominations Announced

Ballots were due back two days ago and although you may not think it possible, apparently the individuals responsible for counting and verifying those ballots have had enough time to do just that.  Today we will learn who has been nominated for a SAG Award at the upcoming ceremony which takes place on January 27, 2013.


  • Jenniferlawrenceawardsshowstriptych_photo_gallery
  • Cate-blanchett-is-set-to-be-honored-at-this-years-santa-barbara-international-film-festival_photo_gallery
  • Best-rob-lowe-handles-that-guy-at-the-beginning_photo_gallery
  • Best-rita-moreno_photo_gallery
  • Bestworst-helen-mirrens-win_photo_gallery
  • Best-jared-letos-speech_photo_gallery

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Released - Wednesday, December 12 , 2012
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