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<p>Uma Thurman stars in the comedy <em>Motherhood</em> from Freestyle Releasing.</p>


Eliza Welch (Uma Thurman) is like any other mom with two kids, a charming but absent-minded husband (Anthony Edwards), her own mom-blog (”The Bjorn Identity”), and the prospect of middle age lurking right around the corner –except Eliza lives in two separate 6th-floor walk-up tenement apartments in New York’s otherwise chic Greenwich Village, and she’s having a day that would challenge even the toughest maternal multi-tasker.

Faced with the prospect of entering a contest to become a columnist for upscale parenting magazine “Lunchbox” AND throwing her daughter’s 6th birthday party, Eliza also has to contend with alternate side parking, a film crew commandeering her block, taking her toddler son to a playground full of overzealous moms, navigating NYC’s uniquely hostile shopping lines, accidentally blog-sharing her best friend’s (Minnie Driver) intimate secret, and realizing what is truly valuable in her life...all in one day.

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Released - Friday, October 23 , 2009