Rachel Getting Married

When Kym (Anne Hathaway) returns to the Buchman family home for the wedding of her sister Rachel (Rosemarie DeWitt), she brings a long history of personal crises, family conflict and tragedy along with her. The wedding couple's abundant party of friends and relations have gathered for a joyful weekend of feasting, music and love, but Kym -- with her biting one-liners and flair for bombshell drama -- is a catalyst for long-simmering tensions in the family dynamic. Filled with the rich and eclectic characters that remain a hallmark of Jonathan Demme's films, Rachel Getting Married paints a heartfelt, perceptive and sometimes hilarious family portrait.


Special Features:

- Deleted Scenes

- Featurettes:  The Wedding Band & A Look Behind The Scenes of Rachel Getting Married

- Audio Commentary With Actress Rosemarie DeWitt

- Audio Commentary With Producer Neda Armian, Screenwriter Jenny Lumet, & Editor Tim Squyres

- Cast & Crew Q&A At The Jacob Burns Center


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Released - Tuesday, March 10 , 2009