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The Soloist

"The Soloist"

"The Soloist" is a biographical drama about real-life musical prodigy Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, who dropped out of Julliard after developing schizophrenia and became a homeless musician on the streets of Los Angeles. Journalist Steve Lopez discovers the former classical music prodigy, playing his violin on the streets. As Lopez endeavors to help the homeless man find his way back, a unique friendship is formed, one that transforms both their lives.

Directed by Joe Wright, who's garnered his fair share of acclaim for his last two films, "Atonement" and "Pride and Predjudice," this film was originally set for a 2008 year-end release.  At the last moment, it was pushed to this release date, taking it out of the running during awards season.  The film's picked up some mixed buzz as a result, but Wright's got a great cast here.



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Released - Friday, April 24 , 2009