10:50 - "I'm not going to sing for you today. I feel like I should apologize for not turning up in costume. I'm not going to get this crowd to kneel. I was brought up better than that. I didn't bring the costume, but I did bring some friends of mine."

He introduces Natalie Portman next. She looks like a million bucks.

Anthony Hopkins is next out on the stage. Big response for Hopkins in the room. Lots of people standing for him.

"You guys may remember that in the first film, Thor came down to Earth, and he was a bit of a fish out of water. Now you're the one who is the fish out of water," Feige says to Portman.

"How does Odin feel about this visit?" Feige asks.

"Well, I didn't check her passport. But she's very beautiful and she belongs in Asgard."

Feige introduces a clip of Jane's first day in Asgard.

Jane is being examined.

"She does not belong here any more than a goat belongs at a banquet table."

Jane's offended, but when Odin says he knows who she is, she seems flattered. "You told your dad about me?"

For some reason, Jane is sick, but beyond that, no one from Asgard can touch her because of some sort of energy that is contained in her. It's an interesting moment that suggests she plays a bigger role than just "Wow, look at Asgard!"

Next up, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." 4.4.14. Feige talks about how the Russos are doing great work as directors, and when he talks about the cast, he says he gets very giddy about Robert Redford being in the film.

The clip they show us is the Comic-Con footage of the fight in the elevator. Great stuff.

11:00 - What I like most about the fight is that it shows Cap thinking his way through the fight as well as physically dominating. That's what I think makes Evans such a good choice. He manages to convey the idea that Cap is more than just his muscles.

"Captain, to build a better world, sometimes that means burning the old one down. And that makes enemies." Redford seems like he's really shady in this, and I think that's a great use of him.

There's also a lot of footage of the new Helicarrier being launched.

Talking to Fury at one point, Cap says, "This isn't freedom. This is fear." I like that they're keeping him modern day, because it makes for the best contrast with his ideals, and it grounds his ethical battle in something we recognize right now. The film looks great, and there's a fair amount of Scar-Jo ass kicking, a few quick shots of the Falcon in flight, and one final reveal of The Winter Soldier picking up Cap's shield.

Sebastien Stan, Anthony Mackie, and Chris Evans all walk out to join Feige as the footage ends.

Stan talks about how Bucky didn't die at the end of "Captain America," no matter what we saw, and then Mackie gets play a bit. He seems just as excited now as he did at Comic-Con, thrilled to be playing the Falcon.

"He's still trying to acclimate. It's not about tech. It's more about society and politics. Cap always wants to be a good guy and do what's right, and that's a little harder now, especially when he's working for SHIELD. And there's the Falcon."

Kevin says, "What did you do before we started filming?"

Chris says he took a bunch of friends to Disneyland for a week. Chris says he's a big fan in general.

And now the exclusive D23 clip, with editing just getting started on the film this week.

11:10 - Black Widow and Captain America on a plane, getting ready to get dropped somewhere. "She asks what his plans are on a Saturday night.

"Well, all the guys in my barbershop quartet are dead, so not much."

Some of what they show us is rough animatics or pre-viz, as Cap drops from a plane into the ocean, then climbs up onto a ship. He puts down anyone he encounters easily. One guy reaches for an alarm, and Cap throws a knife and sticks the guy's hand to the wall. His fighting style is brutal. He puts people down quickly and painfully. He sues the shield a lot. One guy gets the drop on Cap, and that's when Frank Grillo and the Black Widow parachute in.

Black Widow doesn't miss a beat. "What about the nurse who lives across the hall from you?" she asks, still trying to figure out if he's got any social life at all.

A respected critic and commentator for fifteen years, Drew McWeeny helped create the online film community as "Moriarty" at Ain't It Cool News, and now proudly leads two budding Film Nerds in their ongoing movie education.