PARK CITY - It's hard enough being expected to walk out of a movie, sit down, immediately process and write and publish, and then repeat that process several times a day, but when you throw in the added element of interviews, many of which are done right after you see a film, things get interesting.

In the case of "Touchy Feely," I was still digesting the movie when I walked over to the Stella Artois Studio (everything at Sundance is sponsored and branded out the wazoo) to chat with the people behind the movie.  There were seven of them total, and so we broke things up into two groups.  First up, I've got my conversation with the cast.

Rosemarie DeWitt was here last year for "Your Sister's Sister," and we spoke about that film at that point.  I think she's really taken to the style of filmmaking that Shelton practices, and in this film, she's as appealing as she's ever been.  Josh Pais is one of those guys you've seen in a number of things, and it's about time we all learn his name because he is consistently good in everything he does.  The same could easily be said of Allison Janney, and when you throw Ron Livingston into that mix, that's a group of actors who are very easy to talk to because they all obviously brought their A-game to this film.

Most of the time when you're talking to actors about the process of improvisation, you're talking about comedy films, and there's a playful competition that goes into that on many of the sets I've visited.  When you're doing dramatic improvisations the way Shelton does, you're not looking for laughs.  You're looking for honesty, moments where it feels completely real, where you stop thinking of the performance you're watching and you just see this real moment captured.  Talking to them today, I was still working out my own thoughts on the film, so there's a little hemming and hawing on my part, and I thank the cast for indulging me as we spoke.

I'll have another "Touchy Feely" interview for you later today with Ellen Page and director Lynn Shelton, so make sure you check back for that.

"Touchy Feely" is currently seeking US distribution.

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