Lana laughed, remembering the meeting. "At first, we were freaked out. We'd never heard that before."

Tom added, "And from Tom Hanks, of all people."

Lana continued, "'Did you just say you're doing this movie?' 'Yeah. When do we start?' 'Ummm… our people will call your people?'"

Andy smiled. "'You know what, we'll be right back.'"

One of the things I took away from that New Yorker piece was that getting this film financed was an act of will that took all three filmmakers to make it happen, and while it frustrates me that we live in a world where "sprawling science-fiction film from the makers of 'The Matrix'" is in any way a difficult decision for the money-men, it gives me some small solace to know that it is hard out there for everyone. I think the film industry is, as a business, worse right now than it has been since I moved here in 1990. It is a brutal, unforgiving marketplace right now.