[This page of the interview contains several spoilers]

They all dissolved into laughter, and Andy continued the story. "So now, by the time you get to the last one, you've gotten each of the hooks in each of the stories, one at a time, and then we get to the end, we set that last hook, Zachary gets his premonition, and then someone mentions Sonmi, and then Sonmi's door opens, and that's the first time we've deviated from the structure. She walks over to Jim Sturgess, and Jim Sturgess says, 'You've got a choice. You can either stay here, or you can come with me,' and that's like the only other time that we're talking to the audience. The first time is 'I have a disdain for tricksy gimmicks,' and then 'you can either stay here or you can come with us'. And then the movie kicks off."

One of the things that will help sell the film is the presence of Tom Hanks, which I assume also helped get the film funded. He's beautifully cast in the film, and it's a huge performance from him, or maybe I should say performances, since he plays characters in each of the six stories. When Sam Mendes was getting ready to make "American Beauty," one of the actors he wanted for Lester was Tom Hanks, but his agents got as far as the scene with Lester masturbating in the shower and passed on it, telling Mendes "this is not a Tom Hanks film." When Hanks met Mendes at the Oscars and heard about that, he immediately told his agency to send him challenging scripts in the future and to let him worry about what is or isn't a Tom Hanks film.

Lana seemed delighted by the story and said, "We owe Sam Mendes a present, then."

There are things Tom Hanks does in the film that we've never seen him do, and language we've never heard him use, and for some audiences, it will be a shock to see certain things happen.

Lana asked, "You mean like slitting Hugh Grant's throat?"