<p>Aubrey Plaza relishes the opportunity to break Jim O&#39;Heir&#39;s spirit on-camera</p>

Aubrey Plaza relishes the opportunity to break Jim O'Heir's spirit on-camera

Credit: HItFix

Watch Aubrey Plaza shock Jim O'Heir with terrible news on 'Parks and Rec' red carpet

And she's so happy about it, too

There is no worse moment for an actor than being fired from a role.

Eric Stoltz is probably still raw about what happened on "Back To The Future," and no matter what the reason that happened, he will most likely always be raw about it. When you act, you're laying yourself pretty bare in terms of criticism. When someone rejects a performance, they're rejecting all the choices the actor made. When you're fired from something because it's just not what the director wanted, it has to feel very personal. It must hurt.

When we attended the red carpet for the PaleyFest "Parks and Recreation" panel, we were expecting lots of jokes and energy from the show's remarkable cast. Our first few interviews went very well. But when Jim O'Heir stopped to talk to us, we ended up witness to a horrifying personal moment sprung on him at the worst possible time.

To be honest, the part that really gets me here is just how pleased Aubrey Plaza seems to be to tell him the terrible news. She may be a monster.

In all honesty, this is all part of the character O'Heir plays on the show, and we'll have more of my interview with him in the very near future, as well as much more from the red carpet including a Nick Offerman answer that we're not sure we can even share with you, it's so filthy.

"Parks and Recreation" airs Thursdays on NBC.

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<p>Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler spent as much time making each other laugh as they did answering questions at Tuesday night&#39;s PaleyFest panel for &#39;Parks and Recreation&#39;</p>

Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler spent as much time making each other laugh as they did answering questions at Tuesday night's PaleyFest panel for 'Parks and Recreation'

Credit: Kevin Parry for Paley Center For Media

15 things we learned from the 'Parks and Recreation' PaleyFest panel

There was a lot of love on the Dolby Theater stage Tuesday night

As with Sunday night's "Lost" panel, I stepped in to do a little TV duty this week and attended tonight's "Parks and Recreation" panel at the PaleyFest.

I'm not sure there's a group of characters that I like spending time with each week as much as the "Parks" group right now. Pawnee has taken its place right alongside Springfield as one of the most fully-realized comedy communities in TV history. Each year, we learn more about the people of Pawnee and we learn more about the main characters and we just plain dig deeper into the roiling cauldron of weird that is headed up by the great Leslie Knope, played by the also-great Amy Poehler.

After a very spirited round of interviews on the red carpet, I headed upstairs where they were just starting to screen this Thursday's new episode, "Galentine's Day." After this, there are only six more episodes this year, and there was a fair amount of talk tonight on the carpet about how crazy the finale is going to be. Nick Offerman talked about trying to shoot a scene with Michelle Obama, but in the end honoring their mutual decision to always stay 250 feet away from each other so they don't make their respective spouses suspicious. Jim O'Heir talked about how he worked with Genuwine twice before learning that Genuwine is actually famous and not something made up for the show. It sounds like they've gone as big as they can, but week to week right now, I feel like they are just effortlessly knocking it out of the park. With characters this great and a cast this gifted, how can they do anything but make great TV?

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<p>Back to back again, what threat do you think would get the Black Widow and the Hulk together to do combat?</p>

Back to back again, what threat do you think would get the Black Widow and the Hulk together to do combat?

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel released a sneak peek of 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' and it's awesome

Wait a minute... who is The Hulk fighting?

Hmmmm… maybe we're all The Clairvoyant.

Tonight on ABC, instead of "Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.", there was a special that discussed the last few years of what Marvel's been making and what they'll be doing in the future. They showed several pieces of concept art from "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" and Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man" and James Gunn's "Guardians Of The Galaxy, and we decided to run down the list of all the images and try to set them in some kind of context for you.

I think the idea of releasing production art instead of regular movie stills is great, and I wish more movies did it. I don't need to see a steady stream of stills from the set of "Star Wars" once JJ Abrams rolls camera, but I'd love to see artwork that suggests how the final film might look.

Everything I've heard about "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" makes it sound like they've taken Joss Whedon off the leash and they're letting him make an exponentially bigger film than they did the first time. I hope he's going to actually translate this art style to the movie.

With "Ant-Man," I have complete faith that Edgar Wright's going to make something cool. These stills are all from the test footage that we saw at Comic-Con a while ago, and I'm still really, really enjoying the notion of the combat style based on how big or small Hank Pym becomes.

So when you check out all of these images, you're seeing the future of what Marvel's plan is, and it's a tantalizing look for sure.

"Avengers: Age Of Ultron" is in theaters May 1, 2015.

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<p>Seth Rogen and Zac Efron were in fine spirits the morning after &#39;Neighbors&#39; had its SXSW premiere.</p>

Seth Rogen and Zac Efron were in fine spirits the morning after 'Neighbors' had its SXSW premiere.

Credit: HitFix

Zac Efron and Seth Rogen on torturing each other for the new comedy 'Neighbors'

Efron talks about jumping into the improv pool with the ensemble cast

"Funny Or Die" took over a bar in Austin for the entire duration of SXSW, and the morning after "Neighbors" was screened in a work-in-progress format, I headed over to that converted house to talk to the cast and the crew of the film.

The first conversation of the morning was with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron together, and it is the tension between the two of them that drives the entire movie. While this feels like a comfortable fit for Rogen, it is all-new territory for Efron. He's done comedy before, most notably with "17 Again," but he's never made this sort of comedy before. This is like comedy as a full-contact sport, and when you're in a movie with Rogen, Rose Byrne, Ike Barinholtz, and you've got Nicholas Stoller directing and Rogen co-producing with Evan Goldberg, you've got a ton of people on that set who are among the best in the business at this particular type of filmmaking.

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<p>30 years after the events of &#39;Return Of The Jedi,&#39; the characters we know and love will return for &#39;Star Wars Episode VII&#39;</p>

30 years after the events of 'Return Of The Jedi,' the characters we know and love will return for 'Star Wars Episode VII'

Credit: 20th Century Fox/Lucasfilm Ltd.

'Star Wars' jumps 30 years into the future for 'Episode VII'

It's amazing how little we know about this one so far

Here's how little we know about "Star Wars: Episode VII" so far: the news that the new film will take place 30 years after the conclusion of "Return Of The Jedi" is being treated like an amazing announcement.

Don't get me wrong… I'm interested to see how the world of "Star Wars" has changed after 30 years. It's nice to see them allow for the same amount of time to have passed in the movies as has passed in real life, so they don't have to pretend that Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford are younger than they are, and it gives enough time for things to have changed in some significant way.

Even so, the film starts shooting in May, and we still basically know nothing about the story or even the casting. Sure, we've heard plenty of rumors, and in some cases, the people posting those rumors have been adamant that will will indeed see Adam Driver playing a bad guy and Lupita N'Yongo playing a major role and that we'll likely see Jesse Plemons or John Boyega playing a key role as well. It is taken as common knowledge at this point that there will be returning appearances by Hamill, Ford, and Fisher, and that the Millennium Falcon is already standing on a soundstage in London. Is all of that true? I think so, but because nothing is official yet, I wouldn't just run that as fact. Not yet.

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<p>Seriously, don&#39;t mess with this family.</p>

Seriously, don't mess with this family.

Credit: Pixar

Disney makes it official: 'The Incredibles' is finally getting a sequel

Now we just need confirmation that Brad Bird is the man in charge

It is the day fans have been asking for since 2004, and for many years, it was a day that I was sure would never happen.

In the decade since the first film was released, Brad Bird has probably answered the question about whether or not there would be an "Incredibles" sequel a hundred times, and each time, he's been very blunt. The problem was always coming up with a story that was worth telling again with those characters. It would be easy to crank out a dozen movies where we just spend time with Bob, Helen, Dash, Violet, and the deeply freaky Jack Jack, and I'm sure audiences would have been happy to watch those films.

But Brad Bird is not a guy who had a lot of patience for business as usual. Before "The Iron Giant," I knew Brad primarily from his work on "Family Dog" and as a screenwriter, and I got to know him as a film fan because he was a regular at Dave's Video. Talking to him about the business twenty years ago, he already had a fairly healthy sense of disgust towards the calculated business side of things, and it was obvious that for him, story and character are everything. He wants to tell good stories. He wants to make things that connect with people on some real level. He is not the guy you go to if you want someone to churn out indifferent product to satisfy the stockholders.

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<p>How excited is Arnold Schwarzenegger about returning to play both &#39;Conan&#39; and &#39;The Terminator&#39; one more time? THIS MUCH EXCITED.</p>

How excited is Arnold Schwarzenegger about returning to play both 'Conan' and 'The Terminator' one more time? THIS MUCH EXCITED.

Credit: HitFix

Arnold Schwarzenegger on the honor of returning to both 'Conan' and 'The Terminator'

We discuss the inevitable part of this phase in his iconic career

There are some days when you end up seated for an interview for several minutes before things get started and you end up doing a little small talk ahead of time, which can be weird when it's a big star or someone who just doesn't like the process. But other times, you're hustled through without even a moment to catch your breath, and when it's Arnold Schwarzenegger in the room, they do not waste a single second.

We were there to discuss his new movie "Sabotage," co-written and directed by David Ayer, and it was an easy if brief conversation. Near the end of things, though, I had a question I wanted ask Arnold about 2015's "Terminator Genesis," or whatever it's going to be called, as well as the long-rumored "King Conan" that he's still talking about starring in for 2017.

While both of them are sequels to earlier films of his, I feel differently about the potential of each one. I can see why you'd want to narratively go back to "King Conan." The idea of a barbarian living to the age of 60 is mind-boggling anyway, simply because of the world in which he lives. To make it to that age, he would have to be legendarily violent, and revisiting him at the end of that life sounds like an opportunity to tell a totally different kind of story than was told in the John Milius film.

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<p>What&#39;s this? A YA movie without a love triangle? Call the cliche police immediately!</p>

What's this? A YA movie without a love triangle? Call the cliche police immediately!

Credit: Summit Entertainment

Review: 'Divergent' succeeds largely due to Shailene Woodley and Theo James

Casting is incredibly important when you're trying to build a franchise

Somewhere between "The Hunger Games" and "Twilight" lies "Divergent," Neil Burger's adaptation of Veronica Roth's novel, and while I think there are some weird issues with the film, there are enough things it does right that I think it's a pretty safe bet we'll see Roth's entire series play out on film in the next few years.

At what point are we going to stop with the weird non-descriptive "Young Adult" label for these movies? What's wrong with the genre labels that already existed? "The Hunger Games" and "Divergent" strike me as similar in many ways, but "young adult" doesn't suggest anything about what you'll actually see in the film.  They're science-fiction films with young casts. They create alternate worlds or alternate histories, and they are more than willing to reach for the big metaphor.

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<p>Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse took some time to talk about fandom, cable versus broadcast, and &#39;The Strain&#39;</p>

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse took some time to talk about fandom, cable versus broadcast, and 'The Strain'

Credit: HitFix

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on the enduring popularity of 'Lost'

Plus Cuse discusses his upcoming Guillermo Del Toro series 'The Strain'

Before last night's PaleyFest "Lost" panel began, there was a red carpet where we took our chances to try to talk to some of the people who showed up for the reunion.

I'm not great on the red carpet, and last night was a reminder of all the things that drive me crazy about the process. They put you in a space that isn't big enough for one person, let alone a reporter and a cameraman, and there's a horrifying feeding frenzy mentality that kicks in once the first person starts working their way down the line. Elbows get thrown, manners disappear, and people get aggressive about everything.

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<p>Ian Somerholder, Maggie Grace, and Josh Holloway were part of a &#39;Lost&#39; reunion sandwich at the Dolby Theater tonight.</p>

Ian Somerholder, Maggie Grace, and Josh Holloway were part of a 'Lost' reunion sandwich at the Dolby Theater tonight.

Credit: Michael Kovac for Paley Center for Media

14 things we learned from the 'Lost' PaleyFest Panel

Code words, stolen props, and the proper use of a mai tai

PaleyFest is underway, and while television is not my normal beat here at HitFix, there are exceptions. For example, I've been the one recapping "Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D." this season, and for the last two years it was on the air, I was also the one who was recapping "Lost."

In both cases, it makes sense because of other interests of mine. I'm fascinated by the Marvel movie universe, and not just as a fan, but also as an example of world-building in mainstream movies. With "Lost," I was a fan. Period. It was a show that hooked me with the pilot, and I watched every episode of the entire run either as it aired or within a few hours.

Sunday night's tenth-anniversary reunion of the cast and creators of "Lost" was, according to tonight's introduction, the single fastest sell-out that the festival has ever had, a testament to just how much of a hold the series still has on the ocean of fans that it earned over the years. It may have been controversial as it wrapped things up, but even the people who didn't like the ending still seem to be chewing on it, and in a world where so much of the media we digest is completely disposable, forgotten before the closing credits are even finished, "Lost" seems to be built to endure.

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