<p>I have no idea what the heck is happening in this screen grab from &#39;Dead Rising 3,&#39; but I guess I&#39;ll figure it out when we give the game a try on Friday&#39;s Game Night.</p>

I have no idea what the heck is happening in this screen grab from 'Dead Rising 3,' but I guess I'll figure it out when we give the game a try on Friday's Game Night.

Credit: Capcom/Microsoft Studios

Game Night: One week in, 'Titanfall' still packs plenty of bang for the buck

We're going to try some single-player titles this week, too

One week in, and I think it's safe to say I am still getting my butt roundly kicked in "Titanfall."

Let's start with the adjustment I'm still making to the use of an XBox One. I played the PS3 for so many years that the controller just plain felt right in my hand. The use of it was fairly second-nature. Adjusting to a new console controller is like deciding you want to learn to write with the opposite hand that you use currently. It's the same basic action, but it's not easy to learn.

Even so, I can report with utter confidence that "Titanfall" is amazing. It is frustrating. It can be exhilarating. It is fiendishly well designed. And it is a playground if you can get your friends to play with you. That's been a big part of what I've enjoyed playing it, that ability to join a party full of friends and chatting while we play. It also led to a truly soul-crushing moment, but I'll explain that later.

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<p>Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans star as Black Widow and Captain America, forced to rely on each other in an unfamiliar moral landscape in &#39;Captain America: The Winter Soldier&#39;</p>

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans star as Black Widow and Captain America, forced to rely on each other in an unfamiliar moral landscape in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

Credit: Marvel Studios

Review: Captain America meets his match in the smart and stylish 'Winter Soldier'

Bar none, this is the best action film Marvel's made yet

First and foremost, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is the best action film out of the entire Marvel movie universe so far, bar none. Just in terms of sheer impact and choreography and execution and clarity of geography and did I mention impact because DAMN. If that is all that this film did well, that would be enough for me to recommend it.

Beyond that, though, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is a tremendous piece of pop entertainment, smart and engaging and featuring a home run movie star lead performance by Chris Evans and the best overall supporting cast in one of the Marvel movies in terms of everybody having something significant to do and everyone being written for to a degree where they're playing people and not just types. Written by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, this movie hits the ground running, literally, in a great scene where Steve Rogers (Evans) meets Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), a former member of a para-rescue unit who now works at the VA hospital. In one quick moment, they dispense with any need for fish out of water jokes and they introduce the notion that Steve is struggling with the bigger issues that affect him as a man out of time. He is having his doubts about the work he does for S.H.I.E.L.D., and in the film's first big set-piece, we see just how wet that work actually is.

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<p>Ethan Embry and Pat Healy joined us for a fast and funny conversation about their new film &#39;Cheap Thrills&#39;</p>

Ethan Embry and Pat Healy joined us for a fast and funny conversation about their new film 'Cheap Thrills'

Credit: HitFix

Ethan Embry and Pat Healy discuss the ways they find 'Cheap Thrills'

What reduces Embry to helpless laughter? Watch and find out.

As soon as I saw "Cheap Thrills" at the 2013 SXSW film festival, I knew it was something special. It is a very simple logline, a very direct set-up, but the way it executes the idea is pitch-perfect and it never flinches from the grim path that it sets for itself.

I've heaped praise on the direction by E.L. Katz and the script by Trent Haaga and David Chirchirillo, but one of the things that really makes the film sing is the casting. Pat Healy is one of those guys you've seen in a thousand things even if you're not sure you've seen him in a thousand things, and in the last few years, he's finally started getting the roles where you'll remember him. He was so disturbing in "Compliance" as the guy on the phone who creates the situation, and in "The Innkeepers," he and Sara Paxton play a pair of clerks who work at a hotel that is reportedly haunted. In this film, Healy plays Craig, a guy who has just lost his job and gotten an eviction notice, and he's not sure how to go home and face his family. He runs into his friend Vince at a bar, a guy he hasn't seen in quite a while, and they drink together for a few, talking about their problems.

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<p>Patton Oswalt made a memorable guest appearance on another Whedon series, &#39;Dollhouse&#39;</p>

Patton Oswalt made a memorable guest appearance on another Whedon series, 'Dollhouse'

Credit: 20th Century Fox/Mutant Enemy

Patton Oswalt joins 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' as longtime Nick Fury friend Agent Koenig

What part will he play in the Marvel movie universe moving forward?

Does it make me a bad person if I'm still surprised each time Patton Oswalt is cast as an actor?

Don't get me wrong… I think he's very good. I think the work he's done in films like "Big Fan" and "Ratatouille" and "Young Adult" is great. It's just that I still think of him primarily as a stand-up. I also think of him as a consummate fanboy, a guy who unabashedly loves what he loves, and a big part of what he loves is the world of comic books.

It must be delightful when your various passions all converge, and I'm willing to bet that Patton practically sprinted to set when he got the call to join "Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D." as Agent Eric Koenig.

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<p>I can&#39;t imagine Nick Offerman has ever been accused of being shy.</p>

I can't imagine Nick Offerman has ever been accused of being shy.

Credit: HitFix

Nick Offerman explicitly explains why he was cut from Seth Rogen's 'Neighbors'

We've got both safe for work and not safe for work versions of his answer

If there is indeed a zone, then Nick Offerman seems to be living in it these days.

I love stories about artists who succeed later in their career, and I think in Offerman's case, one of the reasons that Ron Swanson clicked is because there was a sense of authority that Offerman gives off that might not have been there in the same way if he was fifteen years younger. I look at him in something like "Sin City," and I can't imagine that guy as the same person who is giving one of the most amazing comedy performances on TV every single week right now.

I wrote about his new concert film on Valentine's Day this year, and the other night on the red carpet, when I heard him use the word "delicious" during an answer, it made me smile. He has this enormous zest for the life he's living right now, and a big part of that is his blatantly passionate relationship with his wife, actress Megan Mullally. He is certainly not shy about discussing just how passionate, either.

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<p>It&#39;s been a long road from page to screen for the comic book &#39;Powers,&#39; but now it looks like the show&#39;s going to land on the PlayStation Network.</p>

It's been a long road from page to screen for the comic book 'Powers,' but now it looks like the show's going to land on the PlayStation Network.

Credit: Image Comics

Bendis comic 'Powers' set to be the first original series produced for PlayStation

With XBox developing 'Halo,' is this the future of TV?

I got a chance to take a sneak peek at the pilot episode of "Enormous," a new web series about a world where giant monsters have laid waste to everything while a mysterious virus works its way through humanity.

Directed by BenDavid Grabinski, it's just eleven and a half minutes, but it establishes a world and it plays with some big fun effects and it feels genuinely cinematic. It serves as a stark reminder that the world is changing in terms of where we can sell projects and what kind of outlets there are for creativity these days. "Enormous" is set to premiere on the Machinima network. They also recently debuted "Rubicon," a live-action pilot from Chris McQuarrie and Mark Long, and they're premiering "Gable 5" next week, with Kevin Tancharoen directing Eliza Dushku. They are trying all sorts of things, and it feels like Machinima is offering up a genuine alternative to someplace like Syfy.

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<p>Ben Schwartz seemed delighted to be part of this year&#39;s PaleyFest celebration of &#39;Parks and Recreation&#39;</p>

Ben Schwartz seemed delighted to be part of this year's PaleyFest celebration of 'Parks and Recreation'

Credit: HitFix

Ben Schwartz loves the way 'Parks and Rec' has developed Jean-Ralphio's mythology

Plus he talks about how much fun he had doing 'House Of Lies Live'

As "Parks and Recreation" has progressed from season to season, one of the joys of the show has been watching the way they've built out the supporting cast, creating a world of lunatics who all live in Pawnee.

One of my favorite recurring characters on the show is Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, played by Ben Schwartz. He's not only a great foil for Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari), he's also just a great hilarious force of nature in his own right. He's been a staple of the LA comedy scene for a while now, but Jean-Ralphio launched him to a new level of visibility, and at this point, it seems like he must work non-stop.

In recent seasons, they've started to expand Jean-Ralphio's family, first with his insane sister Mona Lisa (Jenny Slate), and more recently with his father, Dr. Saperstein (Henry Winkler). Each new thing we've learned about his family only makes him seem even weirder, and I love it. He's also a regular on Showtime's "House Of Lies," and not too long ago, he got the entire cast of that show (including Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell) to join him for a one-hour live improv special called, appropriately, "House Of Lies Live." It was great to see him play improv games with that cast, all of them out of their comfort zone.

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<p>No one has ever shot dance quite the way Busby Berkeley did.</p>

No one has ever shot dance quite the way Busby Berkeley did.

Credit: Warner Bros Home Entertainment

Ryan Gosling to produce and possibly star in or direct Busby Berkeley biopic

But wouldn't this be a perfect reason to reunite with Refn again?

It's about time Hollywood give Busby Berkeley his due.

There is no one working in modern film who uses mainstream movie language in such surreal and beautiful ways, and even when he was at the height of his popularity, there was no one quite like Berkeley. As both director and choreographer, he created these explosive, amazing visuals, most often distinguished by the overhead shots he'd do of an entire soundstage floor full of dancers moving in these elaborate patterns.

As much as I love Berkeley's movie work, I don't know much about him as a person. Ryan Gosling must think there's enough meat there for a movie, though, because he's signed on to co-produce a film based on "Buzz: The Life And Art Of Busby Berkeley." Marc Platt will be co-producing with Gosling, and it appears they're in the very early stages of things, with no writer attached yet.

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<p>Aubrey Plaza relishes the opportunity to break Jim O&#39;Heir&#39;s spirit on-camera</p>

Aubrey Plaza relishes the opportunity to break Jim O'Heir's spirit on-camera

Credit: HItFix

Watch Aubrey Plaza shock Jim O'Heir with terrible news on 'Parks and Rec' red carpet

And she's so happy about it, too

There is no worse moment for an actor than being fired from a role.

Eric Stoltz is probably still raw about what happened on "Back To The Future," and no matter what the reason that happened, he will most likely always be raw about it. When you act, you're laying yourself pretty bare in terms of criticism. When someone rejects a performance, they're rejecting all the choices the actor made. When you're fired from something because it's just not what the director wanted, it has to feel very personal. It must hurt.

When we attended the red carpet for the PaleyFest "Parks and Recreation" panel, we were expecting lots of jokes and energy from the show's remarkable cast. Our first few interviews went very well. But when Jim O'Heir stopped to talk to us, we ended up witness to a horrifying personal moment sprung on him at the worst possible time.

To be honest, the part that really gets me here is just how pleased Aubrey Plaza seems to be to tell him the terrible news. She may be a monster.

In all honesty, this is all part of the character O'Heir plays on the show, and we'll have more of my interview with him in the very near future, as well as much more from the red carpet including a Nick Offerman answer that we're not sure we can even share with you, it's so filthy.

"Parks and Recreation" airs Thursdays on NBC.

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<p>Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler spent as much time making each other laugh as they did answering questions at Tuesday night&#39;s PaleyFest panel for &#39;Parks and Recreation&#39;</p>

Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler spent as much time making each other laugh as they did answering questions at Tuesday night's PaleyFest panel for 'Parks and Recreation'

Credit: Kevin Parry for Paley Center For Media

15 things we learned from the 'Parks and Recreation' PaleyFest panel

There was a lot of love on the Dolby Theater stage Tuesday night

As with Sunday night's "Lost" panel, I stepped in to do a little TV duty this week and attended tonight's "Parks and Recreation" panel at the PaleyFest.

I'm not sure there's a group of characters that I like spending time with each week as much as the "Parks" group right now. Pawnee has taken its place right alongside Springfield as one of the most fully-realized comedy communities in TV history. Each year, we learn more about the people of Pawnee and we learn more about the main characters and we just plain dig deeper into the roiling cauldron of weird that is headed up by the great Leslie Knope, played by the also-great Amy Poehler.

After a very spirited round of interviews on the red carpet, I headed upstairs where they were just starting to screen this Thursday's new episode, "Galentine's Day." After this, there are only six more episodes this year, and there was a fair amount of talk tonight on the carpet about how crazy the finale is going to be. Nick Offerman talked about trying to shoot a scene with Michelle Obama, but in the end honoring their mutual decision to always stay 250 feet away from each other so they don't make their respective spouses suspicious. Jim O'Heir talked about how he worked with Genuwine twice before learning that Genuwine is actually famous and not something made up for the show. It sounds like they've gone as big as they can, but week to week right now, I feel like they are just effortlessly knocking it out of the park. With characters this great and a cast this gifted, how can they do anything but make great TV?

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