<p>Chris Colfer of 'Glee'</p>

Chris Colfer of 'Glee'

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX

Recap: 'Glee' - 'The Rocky Horror Glee Show'

Desperate to win Emma back, Will decides to stage her favorite musical.

Oh, for the love of God, “Glee.”

See, I knew this would happen. After the last outing, one I particularly enjoyed, I caught sight of the preview for “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” and felt a pit in my stomach. It was a different pit than the one I felt upon learning about “Britney/Brittany,” but it was there all the same. And lo and behold, this episode fulfilled all my worst fears about what such an episode would entail. But just to add salt to the wound, the show actually bothered to point out the far more interesting way in which they COULD have done this episode, only chose not to do so. I’d like to do the Time Warp back before I actually watched this debacle.

[Full recap of Tuesday's (Oct. 26) "Glee" after the break...]

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<p>Ian Anthony Dale and Clifton Collins Jr. of 'The Event'</p>

Ian Anthony Dale and Clifton Collins Jr. of 'The Event'

Credit: NBC

Recap: 'The Event' - 'Loyalty'

Simon remembers the good ol' days and has to choose sides

While the glamorous world of “Event” recapping pays more than it probably should, I’m nonetheless required to hold down a day job to make ends meet. Lately, sadly, “day job” means alternating graveyard shifts with more regular hours, which does a number on the body’s internal clock, to say the least. But maybe the resulting sleep deprivation combined with mass amounts of caffeine produces the ideal conditions for watching this show: Olympic-record sized leaps in logic and plot holes big enough to hide the missing 747 in? Why not! Random, asynchronous editing and the arrival of new characters who are totally out of left field but whom I’m immediately supposed to care for? Sure!

It all makes sense to me now. As long as your brain is as addled as the show itself, “The Event” is gangbusters. It must kill in the insomniac and speed-freak demo.

[More on this phenomenon, and Monday's (Oct. 25) "Event" after the break...]

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<p>Brandy of 'Dancing with the Stars'</p>

Brandy of 'Dancing with the Stars'

Credit: ABC

Recap: 'Dancing with the Stars' - Rock Week for the Top 7

A favorite dancer gets off balance, while a low scorer emerges triumphant

So, it’s Rock Week at “DWTS,” and though part of me thinks this could be a fun theme, depending on what the show considers rock, I’m getting a little worried about all the cutesy bells and whistles the show has been trying out. All of these concepts seem to be taking us further and further away from the core of what makes the show successful – ballroom dancing and a heady mix of talented and spastic D-list celebrities. But perhaps I just need to see if maybe Bristol Palin can dance an Argentine tango to, say, Slipknot or an old Nirvana ditty first.

Before we can get to the dancing, we have to watch the voters’ Top Ten performance of the entire series. What’s striking about this is you get a feel for which seasons had phenomenal talent (Apolo Ohno’s) and which were kinda meh (sorry, Donny Osmond).

Full recap of Monday's (Oct. 25) "Dancing with the Stars" performances after the break...
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<p>&nbsp;Nat &amp; Kat of 'The Amazing Race'</p>

 Nat & Kat of 'The Amazing Race'

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'Tastes Like a Million Dollars'

A Fast-Forward helps one team get a-head in the race. Get it? A head?
I'm an "Amazing Race" hypocrite. 
It's not like I don't know this.
On one hand, I complain about the proliferation of travel-based equalizers that prevent dominant teams from extending leads and that allow lame teams to work their way back to the pack. 
Hate that!
On the other hand, if you *don't* allow for the occasional "All teams left on the same flight" or "The museum doesn't open until 10 a.m." equalizer, you end up with a leg like Sunday (Oct. 24) night's "Amazing Race." 
In the episode, the team that started in first, ended in first, followed by a very slight realignment of the teams that began the leg in the lead pack.
In the episode, the team that started in last, ended in last, followed by a very slight realignment of the teams that began in the trailing pack. 
And the result was a ridiculously suspense-free episode of "The Amazing Race."
The leg was so devoid of tension, even fabricated in the editing room, that I almost don't have anything to say about it. But I'll try. After the break.
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<p>Emma Stone</p>

Emma Stone

Credit: AP

Recap: 'Saturday Night Live' - Emma Stone and Kings of Leon

For at least one Digital Short, the 'Easy A' star made 'SNL' amusing again

The puns almost write themselves with Emma Stone hosting “Saturday Night Live.” Will her inaugural duties be “Superbad”? Lord knows there’s no such thing as an “Easy A” when it comes to grading this show. Often times, by the end of a bad edition, most of the viewing audience feels like they are living in “Zombieland.”

Hopefully, the writers of "SNL" have something better up their sleeves than what on display in the previous paragraph. Something else to look forward to: with the song “Use Somebody” FINALLY out of my head after repeated, self-inflicted punches to the face, the show has musical guests Kings of Leon on tap to probably put it right back in my head. Sigh.

Let’s see how the future Gwen Stacy fares on live TV, after the break!

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<p>&nbsp;<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: arial, verdana, sans-serif; line-height: 18px; ">Candice Accola and Katerina Graham of 'The Vampire Diaries'</span></p>

 Candice Accola and Katerina Graham of 'The Vampire Diaries'

Credit: The CW

Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' - 'Plan B'

Deaths, near-deaths and heartbreak? Just another week on The CW

You’ve got to hand it to Katherine; the girl’s a meticulous planner. So when Damon throws a wrench into her Mason Lockwood machinations in tonight’s episode, “Plan B,” we see how easily the evil vampiress can turn the lives of our intrepid heroes upside down with a single phone call. And how!

But Katherine’s not the only one with solid organizational skills; episode scribes Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, veterans of Joss Whedon’s “Angel” and co-show runners of “Dollhouse,” must have kept impeccable notes on the flurry of plot threads and character movements that unfold in the fast-moving “Plan B,” in which just about every character in Mystic Falls gets some action. (Insert clever contraceptive joke here.)

Get ready to pay attention, folks – this episode is full of metaphorical doors opening and closing, juggling storylines, dueling dualities, new mythologies and unsettling revelations, two amusing if random Indiana Jones references, pretty boys in agony, pretty boys in tears, and the official inauguration of Steven R. McQueen into the Derek Zoolander Club for Serious-Face Actors. (Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are already members.)

 [Full recap of Thursday's (Oct. 21) "The Vampire Diaries," titled "Plan B," after the break…]

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<p>Andy of 'Project Runway'</p>

Andy of 'Project Runway'

Credit: Lifetime

Recap: 'Project Runway' Season 8 Finale - Part 1

The final three are chosen – and one eliminated designer breaks down

It’s down to the final four, and this is both exciting (we’re that much closer to the really big show!) and dreary (Tim has to tromp around the country and eat bad meals with designers and their families). But we do get a peek at the finalists’ designs, which should be fun. Or, in Gwetchen’s case, probably a little gag inducing, but hey, I’m just allergic to patchouli. Anyway, let’s get to it!

[Full recap of Thursday's (Oct. 21) "Project Runway" after the break...]

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<p>Some random model and Liz of 'America's Next Top Model'</p>

Some random model and Liz of 'America's Next Top Model'

Credit: Francesco Carrozzini/Pottle Productions Inc

Recap: 'America's Next Top Model' 15 - 'Francesco Carrozzini'

The models compete to be Grammy Girls and portray fashion icons

Can we just give Ann the contract now and avoid the whole awkward presentation of the  yay-we’re-going-to-another-country-bring-in-the-male-models-in-lederhosen? Please? No?

[Full recap of Wednesday's (Oct. 20) "Top Model" after the break...]
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<p>Jud (or &quot;Fabio&quot;) of 'Survivor: Nicaragua'</p>

Jud (or "Fabio") of 'Survivor: Nicaragua'

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Survivor: Nicaragua' - 'Worst Case Scenario'

The claws come out as both Tribes face Tribal Council
Welcome to another week of "Survivor: Nicaragua," the season formerly known as "Survivor: Jimmy Johnson Edition," until Jimmy Johnson was voted out, and "Survivor: Old vs. Young," until the age-based twist was eliminated last week. As Wednesday's (Oct. 20) episode begins, it's more like "Survivor: Who The Heck's On Which Tribe?" 
Let's see if clarity ensues... After the break...
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<p>Tony Dovolani and Audrina Patridge of 'Dancing with the Stars'</p>

Tony Dovolani and Audrina Patridge of 'Dancing with the Stars'

Credit: ABC

Recap: 'Dancing with the Stars' Results - Down to 7

Another dancer gets the boot, and Shakira shows off her moves

When Brooke Burns declares the dances of the TV theme episode “the most entertaining yet,” it makes me wonder if the producers of “DWTS” are just sadistic. I don’t think sticking someone in a monkey suit or jerking around a senior citizen until she gets whiplash are exactly entertaining moments, but maybe I didn’t watch enough “Jackass” when I had the chance.

[Full recap of Tuesday's (Oct. 19) "Dancing with the Stars" after the break...]

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