<p>Muddy models from 'America's Next Top Model'</p>

Muddy models from 'America's Next Top Model'

Credit: The CW

Recap: 'America's Next Top Model' - 'Sonia Dara'

Tyra teaches the models to manage fame before tossing them in the mud

When we last left the leggy, lithe young things of "ANTM" Cycle 16, Dalya had been sent packing (you’ll recall that her face was wearing her, not the other way around, or something like that), and that catty Alexandria had used up about three of her nine lives. The rest of the contestants had prayed to every McQueen-clad god in the fashion pantheon that Tyra and Co. would send Alexandra home -- along with her raging bitchiness -- but no dice. Alexandria has survived for six episodes. Let’s see whether she can tame her attitude and last for a seventh, shall we?

[Full recap of Wednesday's (March 30) "America's Next Top Model" after the break...]
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<p>Mike and Richard of 'Top Chef All-Stars'</p>

Mike and Richard of 'Top Chef All-Stars'

Credit: Bravo

Recap: 'Top Chef All-Stars' Finale - And the winner is...

Richard and Mike both earn raves from the judges, but who won?

Whoot! It’s the finale of “Top Chef”! I’ll be honest; I’m rooting for Richard. I’m sure Mike is very talented and he only sweats into some of the food he cooks and he doesn’t steal recipes that often, but really, he’s not a contestant I can get behind. Richard has stuck-in-the-80s hair and he’s clearly so neurotic it must be hell to be married to him, but I love the fact he makes crazy food that sounds disgusting but must be good, as he’s gotten this far. But enough rooting. Let’s get on with it!

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<p>Haley Reinhart of 'American Idol'</p>

Haley Reinhart of 'American Idol'

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'American Idol' Top 11 - Elton John Night

Casey shaves! Haley sings in parseltongue! And Jacob goes understated!

Get ready for a lot of Elton John this week, America.

In addition to lending this week's "American Idol" its theme, the "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" singer will be host and musical guest on this weekend's "Saturday Night Live."

We know the "SNL" writers won't know what to do with Sir Elton, but could he bring out the best in the Top 11? Click through to find out...

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<p>Chris Brown appeared on Tuesday's 'Dancing with the Stars'</p>

Chris Brown appeared on Tuesday's 'Dancing with the Stars'

Credit: ABC

Recap: 'Dancing with the Stars' Results- Who went home first?

Chris Brown shows off his dance moves and the first contestant is eliminated


Did you see “The Story So Far”? I did, because I’ve watched the show for the last two weeks. Seriously, ABC, how far do you have to drive the hook into your “DWTS” audience anyway? Is it not enough to turn two minutes of information into an hour-long reveal?
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<p>Blair Underwood of 'The Event'</p>

Blair Underwood of 'The Event'

Credit: NBC

Recap: 'The Event' - 'Face Off'

When The President forces her hand, Sophia flexes her muscles

“The Event” pushes things into high gear this week with “Face Off,” a kitchen-sink episode featuring a major character death, the destruction of an American landmark, and, most importantly, Vicky running around in a revealing dress. There are, much to my surprise, a few moments of genuine excitement. Unfortunately, it’s also an episode that exposes just why it’s impossible for “The Event” to salvage its first season, at this point: all of this movement rings hollow because the show has failed to earn any sort of emotional investment, which it needed to be working on since the beginning.

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<p>Ralph Macchio of 'Dancing with the Stars'</p>

Ralph Macchio of 'Dancing with the Stars'

Credit: ABC

Recap: 'Dancing with the Stars' Performances - Week Two

An early favorite stumbles in week two

It’s week two and the pressure is on. The first elimination is tomorrow, and judging from some of the performances last week there may be a few people who are secretly hoping to get the boot. Let’s face it – if you’re only occasionally employed, you have plenty of time to commit to dancing. But if you’re trying to dance AND hold down a regular job, I’m betting all this quickstep nonsense becomes a whole lot of  not fun in a hurry (Psycho Mike and Wendy Williams, I’m giving you an out here). But fingers crossed that tonight everyone brings their A game. Or at least their C+ game.

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<p>Flight Time and Big Easy of 'The Amazing Race'</p>

Flight Time and Big Easy of 'The Amazing Race'

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'I Feel Like a Monkey in a Circus Parade'

Snapple is mentioned repeatedly and one team is sent home
On Sunday (March 27) night, "The Amazing Race" interrupted its regular season for an hour-long commercial for Snapple. To keep viewers interested, the protracted advertisement for the beverage company was punctuated by occasional footage of contestants performing perfunctory challenges. Airing of the challenge footage gave CBS the occasion to periodically pause for sponsorship messages, usually led by the good people of Snapple.
One team was also sent home. But that was sad. So why dwell on it? 
More words about Snapple (and a brief acknowledgment of the "Amazing Race" results) after the break...
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<p>Anna Torv of 'Fringe'</p>

Anna Torv of 'Fringe'

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'Fringe' - 'Bloodline'

Over There, a shocking kidnapping threatens the life of Fauxlivia's unborn child

Reading the buzz on Twitter this week, I kept seeing the phrase “game-changer” being tossed about like so many numbers in Alterna-Astrid’s head. I’m always leery of that phrase, since it’s used so often that it’s essentially devoid of meaning at this point. It’s the critical equivalent of the Red Queen repeatedly screaming “Off with their heads!” in “Alice in Wonderland”: after a while, it’s simply sound and fury signifying nothing. An episode like “Through the Looking Glass” in “Lost” managed to be the best of both worlds: a Lewis Carroll-inspired episode that managed to TRULY be a game changer. But most of the time, the hype surrounding a game-changing episode is simply that: hype.

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<p>Thia Megia of 'American Idol</p>

Thia Megia of 'American Idol

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'American Idol' Results - It's a Shocker!

It's the most entertaining 'Idol' results show in recent memory

"American Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe was all a-twitter on Thursday (March 24) morning teasing that tonight's telecast would feature something shocking (SHOCKING!!!!).

Fortunately, even Thursday's "Idol" results aren't even the least bit shocking, I've still got a pair of Sweet 16 NCAA hoops games to watch if things get boring.

Click through for a full summary of all of the shocking (and possibly less-than-shocking) "American Idol" and Sweet 16 happenings...

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<p>Grant of 'Survivor: Redemption Island'</p>

Grant of 'Survivor: Redemption Island'

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Survivor: Redemption Island' - 'Their Red-Headed Stepchild'

Krista and Matt Duel, Phillip causes more trouble and Stephanie scrambles
Pre-credit sequence. Did anybody else kinda forget who got voted out last week? Redemption Island makes it hard to keep track of the layers of elimination, especially when it was Kristina who went home, but Krista who was booted at Tribal Council. Krista arrives at Redemption Island and has to basically introduce herself to Matt. She's already a fan of his substance and his positive attitude. They bond over the possibility for prayer. Matt says God put him there, but Krista warns him that she's still going to compete with him. Each calls the other "Blondie," but which of them will be devouring a Dagwood sandwich after losing the Duel? Yeah. I have no idea what that reference has to do with anything.
Full recap of Wednesday's (March 23) "Survivor: Redemption Island" after the break...
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