<p>Ashley of 'Survivor: Redemption Island'</p>
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Ashley of 'Survivor: Redemption Island'

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Survivor: Redemption Island' - 'Too Close For Comfort'

The best laid plans of Boston Rob often go astray
Pre-credit sequence. Murlonio returns to camp having dispatched Adorable Andrea. Ashley is still giddy at the blindside and at joining Natalie as one of the Last Girls Standing. Filled with girl-power pride, she pulls Natalie aside and they vow to protect and defend each other. But Natalie is less giddy about this alliance-by-gender. "I'm leaning toward sticking with Rob," Natalie tells us. And in no time, The Robfather calls Natalie over and asks about the substance of their conversation, information which Natalie doesn't even attempt to conceal. Rob tells her to stick with Ashley and pretend to be her bestest chum. And with that, Rob is figuring Ashley may need to be voted out next. He tells us, "Things have to go just right. I've had control in this game. I just need to keep control."
[Full recap of Wednesday's (May 11) "Survivor: Redemption Island" after the break...]
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<p>Maroon 5 guested on Wednesday's 'Top Chef Masters'</p>
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Maroon 5 guested on Wednesday's 'Top Chef Masters'

Credit: Bravo

Recap: 'Top Chef Masters' - 'I'm With the Band'

The chefs must cook for Maroon 5 and one dish is compared to poop

We’re down to just seven chefs! That’s fine by me, actually, because I’m hoping that means team challenges will soon be a thing of the past. It always seems like someone gets to skate by with French fries while the rest of the team has to do the heavy lifting. But that doesn’t mean the end of ridiculously impossible challenges, which I’m sure we have more of tonight. It’s only a matter of time before we have the one-armed cook-off or the only cutting utensil the chefs are allowed to use is their own teeth.

[Full recap of Wednesday's (May 11) "Top Chef Masters" after the break...]
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<p>The 'American Idol' Top 4 plus mentor Lady Gaga</p>
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The 'American Idol' Top 4 plus mentor Lady Gaga

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'American Idol' Top 4 - Leiber & Stoller and Inspiration Night

Lady Gaga mentors on a mixed night for the 'Idol' Finalists

Wednesday (May 11) night's "American Idol" was supposed to be Songs of Leiber & Stoller, but the "Idol" producers looked at one of the greatest songwriting teams in the history of American popular music and decided they didn't have enough songs to fill a whole show. So Wednesday's "Idol" is now one-half Inspirational Songs, mentored by nobody, and one-half Leiber & Stoller, mentored by Lady Gaga.

Click through for the full recap.

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<p>So Frenchie's all &quot;I must break you.&quot;</p>
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So Frenchie's all "I must break you."

Credit: NBC

Recap: 'The Voice' - The Battles, Part 1

The coaches pit their singers against each other in musical combat

NBC has put out clips explaining what the heck Tuesday (May 10) night's "The Voice" is going to be like, how these alleged Battles are going to work. I've skipped those clips, because I want to experience the bloody, musical gladiatorial combat with fresh eyes. Also, I enjoy being confused. 

Click through and we'll experience The Battles, Part 1 together...

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<p>Chelsea Kane from her Monday (May 9) &quot;Dancing with the Stars&quot; performance.</p>
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Chelsea Kane from her Monday (May 9) "Dancing with the Stars" performance.

Credit: ABC

Recap: 'Dancing with the Stars' Results - Down to the Final Four

Another couple goes home and Adele sings
It’s time for the final five to become the final four, and I’m putting my money on Romeo. Yes, Ralph received the lowest scores from the judges, but Ralph has the advantage of not plugging some stupid movie or album or whatever the hell anytime a microphone gets stuck in his face. Sure, Ralph may not have a movie or an album to promote right now, but you know what? I don’t know, because he hasn’t been FLOGGING anything. Romeo makes me feel like I’m watching the infomercial version of “DWTS,” so I really don’t care if he does a decent cha cha. I TiVo through the commercials for a reason, dammit.
[Full recap of Tuesday's (May 10) "Dancing with the Stars" results after the break...]
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<p>A scene from the 'Prom Queen' episode of FOX's 'Glee'</p>
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A scene from the 'Prom Queen' episode of FOX's 'Glee'

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'Glee' - 'Prom Queen'

A crucial episode for the season's standout storyline

There’s a moment early in tonight’s episode of “Glee” in which Will wrote “Prom” on the board, prompting Sam to say, “Please don’t tell me we’re doing songs about prom.” From your mouth to God’s ears, Trouty Mouth. There’s a tendency in many episodes of the show to shoehorn in songs that don’t really make a lick of dramatic sense, but have a tenuous (at best) connection with the Will’s Word of the Week. Luckily, “Prom Queen” took the time to examine the seminal high school rite through character interactions, not iTunes selections. The results were still a mixed bag, though overall produced one of the second season’s strongest episodes.

[Full recap of Tuesday’s (May 10) “Glee” after the break…]

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<p>Bill Smitrovich of 'The Event'</p>
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Bill Smitrovich of 'The Event'

Credit: NBC

Recap: 'The Event' - 'One Will Live, One Will Die'

The interim president takes hilarious action to protect his deceit

The title of this week’s episode of “The Event” contains a major spoiler: “One Will Live, One Will Die.” After last week’s introduction of a certain all-too-convenient antidote, it’s not hard to figure out which character will live. The reveal that someone will die, however, is typically a fairly big deal for a television series, leaving fans guessing as to who it will be. In this case, sadly, the answer is equally as unexciting as that time “The Event” promised to reveal that a major character is secretly an alien.

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<p>Ralph Macchio of 'Dancing with the Stars'</p>

Ralph Macchio of 'Dancing with the Stars'

Credit: ABC

Recap: 'Dancing with the Stars' Performances - The Top 5

One dancer is injured – but can he make it through his instant dance?
Aaaack! It’s the last step before the semi-finals! Tom is talking about Armageddon and falling stars and I’m going to start hyperventilating from the excitement and drama and there is SO MUCH TO LOSE! Okay, maybe they’re playing it up a bit. But they really need to stop dragging this out to two hours, as even with the celebrities dancing twice there’s still a lot of dead time during the show. Brooke can only ask so many pointless questions no one wants to answer, you know?
Full recap of Monday's (May 9) "Dancing with the Stars" after the break...
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<p>Big Easy mixes a drink on Sunday's 'Amazing Race' finale</p>
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Big Easy mixes a drink on Sunday's 'Amazing Race' finale

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business' Finale - The winner is...

The teams went from Switzerland to Brazil to Florida for the million
"The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business" was the first "Amazing Race" season to air in high definition, so perhaps Sunday's (May 8) finale was an appropriate one: No, it didn't wrap up with a winning team who particularly represented the season as a whole, but the real winner ended up being viewers who got to watch in HD. The finale was beautiful, but it wasn't entirely satisfying. 
Actually, I take that back. 
[More after the break, just so I don't spoil anything...]
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<p>Ellie Goulding, Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig of 'Saturday Night Live'</p>

Ellie Goulding, Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig of 'Saturday Night Live'

Credit: NBC

Recap: 'Saturday Night Live' - Tina Fey and Ellie Goulding

Would a couple eventful weeks and a beloved host lead to a funny show?

Feels like forever and a day since the last time “Saturday Night Live” has aired a new episode. And it’s not exactly hyperbole that the world has significantly changed since then. “SNL” hasn’t been exactly breaking out it’s “A” game this season in the arena of politics, so it will be interesting to see how they handle the death of Osama bin Laden. That, plus host Tina Fey, makes this a potentially landmark show.

And yes, that’s probably more wishful thinking than anything resembling reality. But it’s positive wishful thinking, so that has to count for something, right? As always, I’ll be grading each sketch as it airs. In addition: Elliot Gould makes his musical debut on the show! [What? Oh, my bad. I misread the press release. It’s Ellie Goulding making her debut tonight.]

Onto the recap!

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