<p>Chima of 'Big Brother'</p>

Chima of 'Big Brother'

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Big Brother 11' Tuesday - Who went home and why

In which we learn why somebody was sent home, while two other people go on the block


I am just crazy excited for tonight's episode, aren't you? I mean, yeah, we've all read the spoilers, we know what's going to happen in this Very Special Episode. But who cares? Watching exactly how this meltdown plays out and relishing every crazypants second of it, well, it's just too delicious. If, say, you've been on a 72-hour psychiatric lockdown or a self-imposed media diet, maybe you don't know who melts down tonight. So, spoiler alert. For both of you.

[Recap of Tuesday's (Aug. 18) "Big Brother" after the break...]

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<p>Allan Hyde as Godric on HBO's 'True Blood'</p>

Allan Hyde as Godric on HBO's 'True Blood'

Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

Recap: 'True Blood' - 'I Will Rise Up'

Sookie and Eric bond, Godric makes a choice and Jessica meets Hoyt's momma

Errrrybody stand back! Jealous Hick has a bomb, and Lorena is crying blood! It's armageddon at Club Vampire!

Jealous Hick detonates a bomb laced with silver at Godric's house, and some vampires and humans get done blowed up. One of the dead vampires is Stan, the Urban Cowboy leader of the Dallas nest. Eric shelters Sookie from the blast and orders Vampire Bill to chase after any and all other Sunshine Jesus Camp conspirators in the vicinity. Bill finds a van full of religoids who abetted the bomber and bites one of their Jesus-lovin' necks.

[Full recap of Sunday (Aug. 16) night's "True Blood" after the break...]

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<p>Michele of 'Big Brother'</p>

Michele of 'Big Brother'

Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Recap: 'Big Brother 11' Sunday - Eviction nom push houseguests to the brink

In which we pretend we haven't read news reports and take 'Big Brother' day-to-day

Wow. I thought as of Thursday, this was a completely changed game, what with Eeyore Jessie (I am totally borrowing that from Daniel Fienberg because it is so, so true – I mean, someone should get him the little saggy ears and a pin-on tail with a pink ribbon, word) getting the boot and Michele taking the HOH reigns. But man, things got interesting tonight. And it's a Sunday. When are Sundays ever exciting? And I'm sure you heard – someone is going to melt down on Tuesday and get removed from the house. The crazy is all kinds of coming down! I can't wait!

[We're pretending we don't already know who's gonna melt down... Full recap after the break...]

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<p>Jeff of 'Big Brother 11'</p>

Jeff of 'Big Brother 11'

Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Recap: 'Big Brother 11' Thursday - Will the Coup make eliminations fun?

In which we live-blog the last day of Chima's HoH reign in the hopes that Jeff will bring chaos upon the house

7:58 p.m. ET If rumors are any indication, Thursday (Aug. 13) may go down as one of the wackiest "Big Brother" episodes ever. Since I trust rumors implicitly, I'm gonna be live-blogging this sucker, just in case something crazy happens. That isn't necessarily a strategy that worked out well when I decided to live-blog executive sessions at Television Critics Association press tour, but one can hope!

7:59 p.m. Full recap after the break, though I also want to thank Liane Bonin for all of the tremendous filling-in while I was Comic-Conning and TCAing.

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<p>Kevin of 'Big Brother 11'</p>

Kevin of 'Big Brother 11'

Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Recap: 'Big Brother 11' Tuesday - Just waiting for the Coup

In which Lydia and Russell scramble, somebody wins the PoV and viewers wait for Jeff's next move


Well, it's been a rough couple of days (weeks? months?) in the BB house. Ronnie's out, Jeff has super powers, Chima clawed a serial killer, Jeremy Piven walked around unshaven. Wow, I'm winded even thinking about it all. And the fun isn't over yet, because tonight it's all about the POV. And for once, everyone's really excited about it. Sure, they don't realize the power of Coup D'Etat will just cancel it right out, but whatever, they're excited anyway.

Okay, before we get down to it, one little thing: does anyone else think Kevin is completely sleepwalking through this game? I know, it's kind of brilliant, because he's such a non-entity he isn't seen as a threat, but how stupid will everyone feel when he gets into the final four or, God forbid, the final two and they realize, whoops, the guy who phoned it in could win the whole thing? Seriously, I think Kevin might have narcolepsy or something. If he actually falls asleep during a challenge, we'll know.

Moving on.

[Full recap of Tuesday (Aug. 11) night's "Big Brother" after the break...]

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<p>Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgard of 'True Blood'</p>

Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgard of 'True Blood'

Credit: HBO

Recap: 'True Blood' - 'Timebomb'

Jason picks a side, Godric shows his might, Eric gets chained and two ladies fight over Bill

News flash: Vampires cannot use the contractions, for they must speak every word the long, convoluted way, yes. For any other way must degrade and detract from the inborn blood dignity of the vampire. Or some sort of such.

"You are a fool for sending humans ahh-fter me," a newly rescued Godric intones to a simpering Eric Northman at the top of this episode. 

"I am not leaving your side," Northman replies.

And I cannot and will not believe that I am viewing such a tableau. Eric skitters off to rescue a human, leaving Godric standing there looking like an extra from "Friday Night Lights."

[Full recap of Sunday's (Aug. 9) "True Blood," titled "Timebomb," after the break...]

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<p>Jeremy Piven</p>

Jeremy Piven

Credit: AP

Recap: 'Big Brother 11' Sunday - Jeremy Piven drops by to plug

In which Chima puts two houseguests up for eviction, Jeremy Piven cameos and the Coup looms

Honestly, I don't know how BB could live up to Thursday's near perfect episode (Chima and Russell unleashed their full-bore crazy on one another, Jeff and Jordan got jiggy with it as Ronnie farted and begged for mercy and, oh yeah, Ronnie waddled out of the house in disgrace). Really, what could happen tonight to improve on that? A comet hitting the BB house? Julie Chen giving birth live on the air? A Jordan and Jeff sex tape courtesy of CBS? An entirely weird and random visit from Jeremy Piven and Chima's revelation about a close encounter with a serial killer? Oh, wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

[Recap of Sunday (Aug. 9) night's "Big Brother" after the break...]

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<p>Chima's rising in the "Big Brother" house.</p>

Chima's rising in the "Big Brother" house.

Credit: CBS

"Big Brother" - Could Chima take control of the house?

And who's the latest to get eliminated?


Before we get rolling, Julie Chen assures us it’s a whole new game, which kind of strikes me as total promotional crap, because no matter how anyone moves around the deck chairs on this hell-bent Titanic, it’s still the same old nasty, scheming, conniving game played by soulless greedheads it always is. And that’s why we love it so. Game on!
It’s day 33 inside the Big Brother house, and Lydia is apparently going off the deep end because she’s wearing a black bar over her eyes, which is kind of cool except I think it’s supposed to symbolize her dark state of mind, so glad no one can take weapons into the house. I think.
Michele tells us via the diary cam that she couldn’t use her power of veto lest that keep Ronnie from getting his one way ticket out of the house, and I couldn’t agree with her more. Jordan, of course, is just thrilled that Michele stood her ground with the POV, as she points out it will only take 4 votes to get Ronnie out, and she’s pretty sure Jeff, Kevin, Michele and her will do it. Ronnie, being a sore loser and a roaring hypocrite, says Michele’s unwillingness to save his sorry ass with the POV just shows she has no loyalty to anyone except herself, while I would argue that it shows she’s not a total sucker and sees him to be the scumbag he is, but potato, potahto.

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<p>Top 4 contestants (L-R): Kayla Radomski, Brandon Bryant, Jeanine Mason and Evan Kasprzak.</p>

Top 4 contestants (L-R): Kayla Radomski, Brandon Bryant, Jeanine Mason and Evan Kasprzak.

Credit: FOX

"So You Think You Can Dance" - Season Finale - And the winner is...?

Is the new champion Brandon, Jeanine, Evan or long-time favorite Kayla?

Wow, it’s the season finale. I feel like we’ve been through something together, you and I. There’s been some crying (cancer dance), some mourning (Not Janette, no!), some highs (last night’s sexy Brandon/Jeanine paso doable), some lows (every non-hip-hop routine Phillip fumbled through). I feel like, at this point, I deserve a ring, a dress and a big-ass party with catering. Just saying.
Kicking things off, we have a really, really big group dance. The final twenty are back for this one, and I feel a little guilty, because some of these people? No clue who the hell they are. If you told me they were randomly yanked from the audience, I’d believe you. And I can only blame a little of that on the crappy camera work and the bad Cirque du Soleil make-up and costumes. But glad to see the producers got full use of that gigantic picture frame from earlier in the season, because you know that would cost an arm and a leg at Aaron Brothers. 

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<p>Can Brandon beat longtime favorite Kayla for the crown?</p>

Can Brandon beat longtime favorite Kayla for the crown?

Credit: ABC Studios

"So You Think You Can Dance" - Last chance to shine at the Kodak

Did Evan make a mistake going Broadway?

Okay, this is the big time, and I know that because Cat just said she’s in the 3,000 seat Kodak Theater, plus she’s wearing something shinier than usual and there’s wacky neon tubing all over the place, which implies Fox coughed up some money for the finale. Which, you know, they totally should, because these dancers are crazy good. In fact, so good I am going to be both really thrilled and really disappointed tomorrow, because every one of these four dancers deserves to win.
So, onto our judges. On the panel tonight is Adam Shankman, who will probably cry about something but that’s okay since I might join him, plus our regulars Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.
Adam says he’s surprised at the four finalists but he thinks they’re amazing. Then he says there are 3,000 people in the audience, which he apparently needs to emphasize even though we already know this to be the case. Mary then says dancers feed off energy, and there will be a feast with 3,000 fans in the audience (really, 3,000? Because I didn’t know that), and those fans better bring it, which is vaguely threatening but she says it in a nice enough way. Nigel starts blabbering something about this being the gunfight at the OK Corral, which seems a little violent, although shooting and guns is something we haven’t seen in reality TV, so that might pop up in Season 7. It would be a huge hit with the NRA, so it definitely opens up another revenue stream for advertising.

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