As I wrote in yesterday's best-to-worst overview of Danny Boyle's filmography, the otherwise cutting-edge "Trance" is something of a trip back in time for the Oscar-winning British director -- a return to the slick, sprightly genre filmmaking he routinely practised before "Slumdog Millionaire" and "127 Hours" elevated him to prestige status. That's not to say the film is a triumph. As eye-and-ear candy, it pretty irresistible; as psychological thriller, for all its convoluted structuring, I thought it shallow, rather silly stuff. (You can read my thoughts in more detail, for Time Out, here.) Still, there's much fun to be had here, and our colleague Drew McWeeny was more seduced than I was.

Expect a good time, then, but don't expect a third straight Best Picture nomination for Boyle. (A Best Cinematography nod for Anthony Dod Mantle's molten vision of modern London, however, would be well-deserved.) If you see it this weekend, be sure to check back and tell us what you thought -- and do vote in the poll below. 

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Guy Lodge is a South African-born critic and sometime screenwriter. In addition to his work at In Contention, he is a freelance contributor to Variety, Time Out, Empire and The Guardian. He lives well beyond his means in London.