Every year, there's at least one major holiday release that I don't get round to before, well, the holidays -- or, in my case, January -- and Ben Stiller's "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" is that film this year. (I'll get to it, for sure; "Zoolander" loyalty dies hard.) A lot of my more cynically inclined colleagues would tell me that I passed on the right one: after having Oscar buzz for about a minute and landing a prestigious New York Film Festival slot, the romantic fantasy has landed pretty softly with critics -- not that Stiller has ever made films for them anyway. In any event, it looks like audiences will be more charmed by its whimsy: are any of you checking it out this Christmas? Share your thoughts here if so, and be sure to vote in the poll below.

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Guy Lodge is a South African-born critic and sometime screenwriter. In addition to his work at In Contention, he is a freelance contributor to Variety, Time Out, Empire and The Guardian. He lives well beyond his means in London.