I have not seen Andrew Niccol's "The Host" yet, so I have no opinion to offer. It's languishing at a woeful 12% at Rotten Tomatoes so it's rather clear it's a dud. HitFix's Drew McWeeny crucified it in his review, noting that it is "one of the worst things [he's] seen in a while…a genre film that fails at every genre it attempts, and it fails at even the meager ideas it attempts to engage." Ouch.

All of that said -- and indeed, "The Host" may be every bit of that and more -- I feel a need to defend Niccol more often than not. He draws an inordinate amount of ire. I can only imagine that "Gattaca" and "The Truman Show" were such a promising start that the general downward trajectory since has been tough to swallow. But there have been highlights. Yeah, "S1M0NE" was the beginning of that fall, but it was a prescient idea. I don't think "In Time" was such a terrible premise, as Drew and others do. And "Lord of War" was actually a really good movie, in my opinion. He dabbles in ideas that, all things considered, I'd rather be mulled over by SOMEONE. The execution will come back, I'm sure of it.

But that's that and "The Host" is "The Host." So if you have seen it or plan on seeing it, hit the comments section here and call a spade a spade if you must. Or defend it if you feel the need. I've heard some interesting thoughts on the pro side, actually. And as always, feel free to vote in our poll below.

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