With midnight screenings underway, I think it's time to poll that masses. Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel," produced and written by the one-two punch that brought Batman back to the screen -- Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer -- has finally flown into theaters. I liked it quite a bit. Drew McWeeny was over the moon. "No one has ever staged superhero action like this," he said. "What a great film about fathers and sons," I said. The critical reception has been...typical, I guess. I don't disagree with some of the criticisms, just the intensity of them. But I guess I'm just a geek. Speaking of which, we've offered up elements from the Superman mythos that we'd like to see in subsequent installments and we've outlined key Superman arcs that would make a great primer. But now we're interested in hearing what you think, so let us know in the comments section and feel free to vote in the poll below.

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What did you think of "Man of Steel?"

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