"The Invisible Woman" (Michael O'Connor)
When you're truly stumped in this category, the contender with the most corsets and hoop skirts is often the safest bet – and if Ralph Fiennes' delicate portrait of Charles' Dickens' secret romantic life had been a little more widely seen, I'd consider Michael O'Connor's exquisitely faded Victorian wear a major threat. Then again, lower-profile films can triumph here over heavyweight opposition, as O'Connor himself learned with the extravagantly ruffled “The Duchess” in 2008. Call it the dark horse, then – albeit one of a dusty rose hue. Strangely, the Guild overlooked O'Connor this year, though between this and his nominated work on “Jane Eyre” two years ago, he's now the go-to guy for lived-in English period pieces.

"12 Years a Slave" (Patricia Norris)
If you're looking for the most olde-worlde of these five period nominees, that'd be (by a couple of years, at least) “12 Years a Slave,” though it goes without saying that Steve McQueen's slavery drama is the most modest sartorial showcase of the lot. But 82-year-old veteran Patricia Norris's wardrobe is an exemplary study in texture and authenticity: where so many period pieces make the mistake of looking overly box-fresh, here you can practically feel the sweat and dirt ingrained into every one of the characters oft-repeated garments, though with careful differences in fabric and finish that distinguish even the grubbiest haves from the have-nots. With credits such as “Days of Heaven” and “The Elephant Man” to her name, Norris is a six-time nominee in this category, her last loss having come way back in 1989 for “Sunset”; it;d be sweet to see her finally get up on the podium, but I sense this work is too (necessarily) drab to get her there.

Will win: "The Great Gatsby"
Could win: "American Hustle"
Should win: "American Hustle"
Should have been here: "Stoker"

Deep as this field is, a lot of my favorite costume work in 2013 was in the contemporary sphere -- I was never overly optimistic that this branch would notice Kurt and Bart's haute-couture-meets-American-Gothic designs for "Stoker," but for me, it was far and way the year's standout achievement in this category. I also loved the subtle, silhouette-adjusted futurism of Casey Storm's work in "Her," and Suzy Benzinger's crucial recycling of key items in "Blue Jasmine," but they were never going to turn voters' heads.

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