CANNES - Another year and another Cannes means The Weinstein Company is once more staging a show and tell for their upcoming slate. After ending 2013 on a somewhat disappointing note at the box office, TWC is hoping a number of new titles can change their fortunes over the rest of this calendar year. The company's annual presentation consisted of familiar trailers for titles releasing in the next few months and selected clips from projects that we haven't seen any footage from up until now. Oh, and Harvey, of course.

One of the legendary movie mogul's primary goals wasn't to discuss his new films, but to make sure everyone got the story straight and why he wasn't at the "Grace of Monaco" premiere. Weinstein had a somewhat public debate with director Olivier Dahan over the cut of the picture, with Dahan eventually winning, but Harvey satisfied the financial concerns by convincing the producers to lower the acquisition fee based on the cost of the movie.

According to Harvey, the screening coincided with a long-scheduled humanitarian mission to Jordan which was set way before there was even a glimmer of "Grace" being the opening night presentation of the fest. In fact, he called out The Guardian for saying he'd skipped the premiere on purpose when another Guardian reporter was chronicling his visit for another story (fun Guardian reaction here).

More importantly, Mr. Weinstein was able to corral two stars from two of his upcoming pictures to say hello to the assembled press: grand jury member Naomi Watts, who has a supporting role in "St. Vincent," and Ryan Reynolds, who appears in the 2015 release "Woman in Gold." Watts didn't have much to say, but Reynolds joked, "I think I was born to play a Jewish restitution lawyer" (certainly beats a hopeless dad in "The Captive"). And then, as quickly as they appeared they were gone.

What followed was a number of previews you've already seen for movies such as "The Giver" (aka Meryl Streep in "Divergent"), "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" (probably five years too late) and "Begin Again" (Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightly do "Once" in NY). 

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