Of course. And it has to feel good to still be able to stir people at this point in your career.

That feels good, yeah. That feels good. Because I think there's so much — I mean as I'm talking now there's a, you know, I have the TV on. The news is on without the sound, just a glut of images and a glut of, what's the word, programming that we've gone through. I've seen the change. I was around when CNN started, you know? The 24-hour news business. And I think it numbs people on every level, every level, every subject, every issue around the world. Whether it's famine, war, it numbs them. The war, they don't show too much. They learned that from Vietnam. But it just numbs people. So the only way you're going to get somebody's attention is to maybe shock them a bit.

That's very true. You mentioned "Kundun" and I just wanted to ask — I had dinner with Roger Deakins the other day and was talking about this — is there any chance you two would work together again? I loved what you did together on that film.

Oh, I'd love to. He's just extraordinary. He's amazing. I really would love to, but it needs the right subject matter, I think. And of course I also wound up having more of a relationship with Michael Ballhaus. I mean we got used to working with each other. And then Bob Richardson, to a certain extent. So now that's changing. Things are changing and, yeah, I saw Roger briefly — I didn't even get to say hello to him — at the Academy luncheon. Maybe I'll see him at the Oscars and say hello. But he's really the most remarkable and brilliant — he reminds me of Jack Cardiff.

He's definitely one of the best. And I also think it's great you're working with Rodrigo Prieto now. Is he going to shoot "Silence?"

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