Matthew McConaughey (Best Actor, "Dallas Buyers Club")

On what he'll do if he wins:
"I am gong to celebrate no matter what. This is my time to be nominated. If I ever get nominated again? Who knows? But there will never be another first time."

On what has surprised him about the Oscar journey so far:
"I think one of the surprising things is that we have six nominations for this little film that we thought would never get made. Getting it made, we thought, was a huge victory. That surprised me. I thought it had the potential to be something special, but as you know, there is no guarantee. That stuck with people and they are shining a light on it. Other than the whole process? I have had a good time doing it. I think it has to do with the experience I had. I can talk about this experience with Ron Woodroof for the rest of my life."


Cate Blanchett (Best Actress, "Blue Jasmine")

On her gorgeous silver dress and this recognition:
"Thank you. I made it myself. [Laughs.] Sometimes you are ready to take a role by the teeth and having worked so long and intensely in theater and it felt like a synthesis of my work on stage and on screen. These roles don't come around every day."

On her character's amazing wardrobe in the film:
"They all had to go back at midnight. Everything had to go back. I think the entire costume budget was less than the Hermes bag, which was also borrowed."

On this being her sixth nomination:
"Is it? That's great. This one certainly took me by surprise. I threw myself at the role and you have bits of nervousness and trepidation with the role, but it's always a thrill. Especially since I've been away at the Sydney Theater Company, so it's exciting to have something to come back to."


Leonardo DiCaprio (Best Actor, "The Wolf of Wall Street")

On the controversial reaction to his film:
"Look, there is a lot of disgusting behavior in the movie and it was very much a reflection of this. We as filmmakers wanted to display this part of humanity on screen, this irresponsibility. Scorsese isn't someone who spoon-feeds an audience. I'm not going to judge these characters. I'm going to show them as who they are. And also, you have a protagonist at the end who doesn't get his due and proper. That's why his films are timeless. They are not specific to that period. It's portraying a part of humanity and all its truth. Those are the type of films I want to be part of. All of us were playing a character with no moral compass and were consumed with power and wealth. We looked at it like a gigantic Bosch painting. Pure debauchery. It was entertaining."

On his relationship with director Martin Scorsese:
"It's easy for me. I was inspired by his work. He's one of the first filmmakers who, as a young man, I became transfixed as an audience member. He inspired my whole generation. Everybody I grew up with is influenced by him and is the biggest fan of his work: film history, what cinema means as an art form and to our very culture. His relationship with me has to do with the fact we share similar tastes and I'm willing to do whatever he wants on screen. I think ultimately we gain more and more trust with each other as the years go by."


David O. Russell (Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, "American Hustle")

On the recent, drastic transition of his career with "The Fighter," "Silver Linings Playbook" and his latest:
"I am definitely a late bloomer and I definitely needed to grow up. The first set of movies and the second set of movies. From the ears up is one thing. From the feet up is a different thing. The last three films have been from the feet up. I feel very clear and that can only happen after you've been humbled or gotten your head on straight."


Jared Leto (Best Supporting Actor, "Dallas Buyers Club")

On how his youth and his mother influenced him:
"We were born very poor and into pretty humble surroundings and my mother always wanted to do something better for her life. She was a dreamer, a worker. I think the biggest inspiration she gave me was to dream and the work it takes to make dreams a reality. You get these opportunities to stand up and stay something. The best part is to thank people who have believed in you for so long. She's the best."

On his sports jacket and shiny shoes:
"I don't dress up very much, you know. I just saw them and thought it would be fun. I don't wear a lot of suits and sports jackets. You want to feel like yourself and not your agent."

On the last time he underwent an intense physical transformation for a role:
"I gained 67 pounds for a little film called 'Chapter 27.' My mom and my brother saw it. No, I would never do that again. It's really brutal and it's not a lot of fun and it's really bad for your body. I would never gain wait again for a role."

On being heckled at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival last week:
"I think 'heckler' is a bad term. It was a debater, someone who needed to take a public moment to say what was on their mind. I think it's healthy. I think it's positive. It's not like I can't learn anything. I'm all ears. I think the planet is better for all those interactions."

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