You probably think you're having deja vu, but don't adjust anything. Yes, we've covered the best of Pixar in a nifty, click-y list before, but opinions shift and slide. And with a company putting out work as consistently great as this one has, it's understandable that nothing ever feels rooted. Ask me again in another year and I might have a different order.

So, with "Inside Out" on the way (more on that from me very soon), it seemed like as good a time as any to revisit these films. Pixar is also somewhat quietly celebrating the 20th anniversary of the studio's first theatrical release, 1995's "Toy Story." So a look back makes all the more sense.

That's right, 20 years, 15 films. What's your order? Rattle them off in the comments section and vote for your absolute favorite in the poll as well. Then click through the gallery below to see where I stand…for now, anyway.

"Inside Out" hits theaters June 19.

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What is the best Pixar film?

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